Wind Devil confusion

The skill states it scales with player damage boni, so it’s clear that it scales with % dmg, % crit dmg asf.

I’m wondering though, if it also scales with certain aura buffs, for example the flat damage given by the Eye of the storm’s relic aura. And i’m wondering if the Aura on Mythical Spark of Ultos applies to Wind Devil, since on the one hand this item seems to be made for WD, but on the other hand the aura on myth SoU says, that it specifically works for pets, wich seems to be the exact opposite of a “player damage bonus”. :eek:

So does WD have a double nature? Is it a pet that also
scales with player damage boni?. Somebody enlighten me plz :D.

If that thing is a pet then it’s the worst one

“Wind Devil this boss is highly resistant to my damage type, debuff her quickly”
Wind Devil wanders away in a direction opposite to the boss

“Wind Devil I need higher DoT ticks on the boss. Unleash Maelstrom”
Activates Maelstrom on nearby trash, completely missing the boss

Player bonuses only apply to WD. Spark of Ultos included(conversions in general)

Uhm, so the Aura on Spark of Ultos does not work for WD? Spark of ultos not only has the beautiful cold to lightnig conversion (wich clearly works), +3 to WD and 5s duration for WD, but it also gives an Aura, wich says it works for pets only, gives 25% phys to lightning conversion and some flat and % dmg. If this aura doesn’t work for WD, it’s a bit of a weird item design…

Sry man your a bit cryptic here^^ :D.

LOL, these dumb devils are perfect trolls.

No pet bonuses don’t work on WD

@Chton Use pet commands?:stuck_out_tongue: I find WD quite Ok with the increased AoE in xpac.

Sigh, bummer… that 25% conversion would have been sweet :cry: :D. Thx for clearing it up :).

Bumping some questions, are aura working on them or not? Will they benefit from for example, Inspiration devotion proc?

You can read in the description that they are player scaled pets which means they are basically your normal skills so they benefit from OA / DA just like the rest of your skills and damage. Think Tornadoes / Twisters from Diablo series.

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They work and benefit from your player stats in the same way as if you yourself cast them like tqFan said, so +% damage, OA, % crit damage, conversion all apply to them. Key note as well, player pets can’t proc gear procs on your equipment, those have to come specifically from attacks or skills made by your player character.

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