{WIP} Cheapest gear Cabalist, for farming crucible

So I’m horrible at making guides if there’s something you want me to elaborate on then let me know.

Concept of build

I have always had horrible luck with RNG I literally never get an item that I actually want, I can’t even get a god damn Bonespike to drop like I wanted so that I could make this build by Vallenahel so I decided I was going to make a character that used literally nothing but faction and quest items.

Pros and Cons

High Health
Almost all resists maxed (can max pierce resist if drop 1 of the wendigo augments for devils crossing)
No legendaries/new components/MIs/double rare affixes
Decent damage
Allows for easy upgrading when a nice legendary drops


Not the fastest clearer
Doesn’t have many +skills
Low OA/DA/Armor

Grim Tools and Stats


Devotion Route

Rattosh, The Veil Warden
Oaklaine’s Lantern
Scales of Ulcama
Respec Oaklaine’s Lantern
Obelisk of Menhir

This looks great. When you get your guide up, I’ll definitely link it in my new player compendium.

The “of readiness” is a magic attribute (i.e. yellow), and “of soulwarding” is rare (green), so yeah, soulwarding is harder to get/more rare.

Of readiness is the easier one to get. Also it’ll prevent issues with a difficult to fill resistance hole.

Ok I’ll stick with “of Readiness” then. I’ve nearly completed campaign just reached Fort Ikon on ultimate so I should be doing crucible soon.

RNG is being a bitch though, I started this character and idea because I have never gotten any items that I want but now that I’m refusing to use anything but faction gear RNG is throwing a number of nice items at me its like “ooooooh that is awesome it’ll work rea… no must not fall to temptation faction gear only!!!”

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I’m curious, how do you plan to fill in the da/armor gap your chatacter seems to have? Even w/o such restrictions that is usually what gets me in getting crucible ready.

Armor there’s nothing I can do about, Siphon Soul reduces enemy OA by 160 might add in Bloody pox for another 80ish (given spare points) or use Ill Omen. Other then that I’m hoping and thinking that ADctH will deal with it as there’s been a huge number of times I swear my health has reached 0 but then I’ve been back up at full health, that and inflate the fuck out of my health. I only need 3 outcast augments to max out my aether resist so the other 4 will be the wendigo one that increases health.

I got to wave 40 gladiator using level 35 faction gear and didnt have the weapon or amulet was using the rover weapon that gives sigil and a deathwatcher amulet so I think it’ll be doable

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Updated OP into guide, so far I’ve only gotten to wave 50 of Gladiator crucible because I find it boring.
I think the build can go to wave 100 but don’t think it can do wave 100-150 due to not having enough +skills to boost damage. It can very easily clear the campaign though, haven’t done AoM Ultimate yet but it didn’t struggle in either Veteran or Elite so I don’t think it’ll struggle in Ultimate.

I believe the build can take on most nemesis 1on1 although I haven’t tested it yet.

Over all the character does extremely well with only faction gear.

Let me know what people want to see or have more info on.

AoM Ultimate is way harder imo than the content before, even a good geared strong character can have some issues sometimes. I kinda like the idea of your build to make a very “cheap” character. Did you manage to clear all waves of the Challenger crucible?

Really? My Rune build found Ultimate AoM easier then Elite AoM and he didn’t upgrade his gear all that much from Elite. I’m going to tackle burbon before I move onto AoM and I’ve also got to do hidden path becuse I forgot about it.

I didn’t try Challenger I just skipped straight into Gladiator.

And it really is cheap to gear, because absolutely every character has access to all this gear whether you’ve put in 100s of hours or if you’re starting out and never played before, the only limiting factor is reputation but that is easily maxed out by the end of elite if you farm a little and the first tier of faction gear can easily tie you over until then.

I think every character can be geared like this, the question is, how effective it will be compared to BiS gear. :slight_smile: And how effective it will be in general.

Geared in solely faction gear? Nope this is the only character then can, while I only have 1050 hours total all of that has been trying to make a character work with only faction gear. Sure a piece or 2 of faction gear can really work on a variety of different character but I’m sure it’s safe to say this is the only one (possibly ritualist as well) that can do it in nothing but faction gear.

It’ll never be in line with BiS gear but is great for working the way towards it and can easily clear campaign and all rogue dungeons without issue. Takes about 7-10 mins to clear SoT (with clearing most of the map) takes about 15-20 to clear bastion of chaos (clearing moat of the map) and Valbury takes about 25-30 mins (again clearing most of the map)

The times would probably be at least half of that if just ran through to the end so its pretty damn effective I think for how easy it is to get the gear

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Nice idea, and good luck with your goal :slight_smile:

Maybe to change setup a bit: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYzYyg2?

I’ve just tried that (should have back the character up first -.-) I have lost 700 health and had to maintain 2 silk swatches to keep pierce and bleed maxed, variance of 17 physic even though I’ve used 2 more attribute points and OA is going up to 2316 so not as high as in the calc.

But I assume all of that is due to roll difference in game, hopefully the health loss isn’t going to kill me…

But over all its a huge improvement thank you very much xD

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Glad to help :slight_smile:

You should try to hunt better rolls on reload, its easy with faction gear to get highest possible rolls.

Yeah I know that’s one of the reasons I decided to make this guide :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it’s quiet easy to get high rolls on this gear due to everything being buyable and 100% always there

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