witch blade needs help

I think witch blade class combo needs some kind of buff or change to make it viable. I don’t really see anyone using it. I tried as well with no luck

Yeah… I played it through elite and did great. Until Log. I died an untold amount of times against Log before beating him. And after that I just stopped, I was kind of disillusioned.

I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe I just suck?

One big reason witchblade is rough is because so much end game content like Log is filled with monsters with chaos or vitality resist. My 78 sword&board withblade breezes through everything else, but then chtnonics take foreeveeeerrr

^ Me too. I am full life leech build and it is hard for me in terms of damage.

i think in general it is simply bad design to make areas where most monsters have very specific resistances - why create such variety just to limit it again afterwards… bad design

Or, you can stack negative resistances to be able to kill those mobs.

Here is my take on the Witchblade. It is focused on Retaliation, Bleeding-/Internal Trauma Damage for Offense and strong life regeneration and Block for defense. I’m still tweeking the devotions, thinking about taking the huntress to push bleeding damage further.


Currently Level 62 and rushing through Elite is a breeze (with suboptimal gear).

Thanks, i’ll give this a try. Please update us if you finish ultimate with a guide, that would be super cool.