[Witchblade] Avatar of Consumption - WIP

Hey all,

Thought I would share this with you all. This build has been incredibly fun so far, and is what I would call my passion project. The Avatar feels pretty tanky for a 2 hander build and is fun and intuitive to play.

Damage Sources: Chaos/ Vitality with Acid/Fire in smaller amounts.

-Great Survivability
-Not specifically gear dependent as of this build
-Great single target damage
-Easy to play
-Straight forward Damage Synergies

-Not a ton of ranged options.
-Occasionally can get overwhelmed with damage in intense situations…if you a stop hitting things you can go down quickly if you aren’t careful.

Active Skills:

Sigil of Consumption w/ Destruction: Especially early in the game, this is a key part of the build. Gives you an incredible amount of survivability (% of life), and some nicely scaling damage. Its a great compliment to the build. You can hit a separate group of mobs with the sigil while face tanking another. Distance doesn’t matter which is very nice at times.

Blood of Dreeg/w Aspect of the Guardian: Great all around ability bringing a 3rd damage source (acid) to he table. The retaliation is nice, but I feel like after you get to about 20% on the heal aspect of the Guardian is the more valuable part of this skill 12% Physical resist and maxing out Acid/Poison resist is worth it alone, and some bonus damage to boot!

Cadence/Fighting Form (Raise the Dead): I feel like this active skill is undervalued as it hits like a truck! I threw one point into Fighting form to have it hit 2 targets, and so far that’s all it really needs. The devotion skill produces a Steady stream of Skeletons to help soak some damage.

Chaos Strike (Enhancer)

Passive Skills

Solael’s Witchfire/Second Rite (Giant’s Blood): A key part of the build, as it aids in beating things to death quickly. Max this out!

Possesion: Amazing ability, you want this! Flat resistance and huge damage boosts not much more to say.

Military Conditioning: Really solid ability that pumps up your health. I feel like its a must have to 10 ranks

Decorated Soldier: One of the builds potential weak points can be elemental damage. 20% resists is nothing to turn your nose up at. 8 Ranks seems to be good

Fighting Spirit: A nice damage boost! I have a ton of skill points in it from current gear, I would recommend at least 5 total points in it.

Zolhan’s Technique: A recent addition to the build I might stick the points elsewhere, being able to hit more targets is never a bad thing…

Menhir’s Will: I keep wanting to put a few more points in this, but so far it hasn’t been needed. I still think it’s worth 1 point however.

Leveling Guide

Level 15


Level 25


Level 35


Level 45


Level 55


Current - Lev 68

Without Bonuses:

With Bonuses:


-Add Blue Xrds
-Drop Blue Xrds
-Red Xrds, Green Xrds
-Drop Red Xrds, Drop Green Xrds
-Add Hawk
-Drop Fiend
-Hourglass (almost done!)
-Dying God (planned)

A few notes on the Devotions: I am sure there are other ways to put this together, but I wanted to focus on a few things. Attack Speed, Life Steal/Survivability, Damage and Defense, not particularly in that order. When I complete Dying God, I might switch the hound for the Lizard, Depending on how costly Hungering void is health wise. It’s possible to drop the fiend and max out the hourglass right now, but I still like the extra damage with flame torrent - is pretty solid. I could push more aggressively into they Dying God, But I really think grabbing the hourglass as a priority will work out better overall.

Coming Soon!

Made some minor tweaks, revised my devotion build a bit. So far, I’m not missing the Fiend.