Witchblade vs. Warder

So after researching a fair amount, I think these two classes are best for my play style. Based on my (limited) understanding, Warder can be a lot tankier and is best to play it with 2H while Witchblade can potentially be more powerful and is best played with 1H and a shield but is not necessarily as tanky as Warder.

So I was wondering, from “fun” perspective, which one should I go with? Which one is more fun to play with? If there any sort of consensus as to which character is more enjoyable?

Thank you for your thoughts!

Warder can work work as sword n board bleeder or as lightning totem build, though those are more suited for crucible.

Witchblade is a more fun imo and in most people’s eyes I think

Witchblade is insanely tanky as is, any additional tankiness offered by warder is totally unnecessary

Cool, thanks! I was leaning towards Witchblade. Leaning towards Cadence Witchblade build

Softcore mentality.

As someone who plays both SC and HC I’m gonna have to say no to that lol

If you die on a witch blade with a shield in your off hand it is 100% your fault and you should probably be at least slightly ashamed if you’re not super new to the game