Witchblade Vs Warlord

How are they comparing now? Stopped playing when oathkeeper was pretty unbalanced, no idea what they changed on him (only that he was nerfed).

In early FG days Warlord was broken and changes were spot on. Still Warlord is the best class for physical/trauma build. Especially shields or retaliation versions is not close.

2h or DW I suspect is closer, but still Warlord is really nice class !

I see. I was going to do a shield cadence build…

Shield Cadence it’s Warlord hands down imo. You want a strong Witchblade you DW.

DW might be interesting. Do you guys have any grimtools? Finding only old stuff.

Here’s some tests by Mad Lee, they’re old, probably difference is smaller Warlord vs. Witchblade: dual-wield specs test (videos inside)

Warlord is also much stronger for DW. I would personally recommend Warlord or Death Knight if you want to play DW @Meredoth. Here is a link to my guide to such specs.

If you are set on Witchblade I recommend trying out my Blade Arc WB.