Witchinghour Cabalist Vs Lokarr?

How do you make this fight easier as a cabalist ?. I’ve killed him 5 times now and each time
it has taken me about 15 minutes.


I don’t know if it’s a bug, but every time Lokarr teleports or summons the 4 NPC’s,
my minions seem to reset their agro AND target, and just starts hitting whatever they want,
which leads to me having to risk dying to locate Lokarr and assign him as pet-target again.

This fight is a great way to removing any will to play the game honestly. My char is spot on
according to the build in the link in terms of gear, except for the necklace, and i use resist-potions
for the fight and still get 1shotted at 13k HP by his fire.

And when it comes to the damage from my pets, it seems to be non-existant despite
the superb buffs from WH, the 2 rings and +pet dmg exlixir.

ONE single mistake and i’m dead … 15 minutes fight.