Workzone radius adjustability

I’ve asked before that the default worker allocation for Work Camps to be 1 rather than 2, because unless you are on a very heavily forested map, 2 workers will defuse the zone of trees, and thus not be sustainable.

However, a better solution for this would simply to let the player select the size of the work radius (and similarly for the Hunter’s Cabin and Forager’s Shack).

Hi mate,

I already adressed it with a bunch of other QOL things we desperately need.


I think it’s better to keep that one up, I will keep adding more stuff over time.

I don’t know how others feel about this, but I have no problem with planting trees to be harvested in the zone of a work camp. It doesn’t cost me much at this point – I have a goodly income and I don’t mind spending the time planting. I keep a good level of wood to supply building, plank-making, firewood, and the 3 charcoal factories I maintain because I have zero coal deposits. Other people’s mileage will vary, of course.

The best solution is to have a forester to plant and harvest trees.

Yes! I would love to have a forrester who plants the trees! Whether it’s an upgrade funtion, or a separate building, doesn’t matter - should definitely be planting new trees to replenish the work zone

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