Worst AI ever

  • Doesn’t build prioritized defenses.
  • Market doesn’t stock from storehouses, stockyards or root cellars.
  • Citizens don’t pick up goods from market instead they let them to spoil.
  • Manufacturing buildings doesn’t stock from yards, instead they run to mine to get the ore when stockyard full of ore is right next to ie. foundry.

Take a lesson from ie. Frostpunk how citizens pick up goods.

There have been a host of comments on this Forum about the ‘production chain’ problems and priority problems with workers and population in the game. Version 8 gave us a few more tools to manipulate the movement of goods, but, as near as I can tell from less than 2 months playing, the entire Priority/Production Efficiency (movement of Goods) is still very much a Work In Progress. This is exactly the sort of thing I would expect from an Early Release version of a game.

On the other hand, Raiders seem to have no problems finding the weakest part of my defenses and the most critical buildings/infrastructure to attack to cause the most damage. That makes me confident that the design team are aware of Priorities for various parts of the population and can solve at least the worst of them for the ‘Non-Raiders’ before Final Release.