Worst Nemesis Combinations?

Here’s a new one from the whats-your-favorite series:

What do you think is the worst possible nemeses’ combination at 150, 160 and/or 170? (for particular builds - if you wish to elaborate)?

I thi u shou spea mo clea.

What is the point of shortening the names (except for making the thread make no sense at make most of people ignore it)? When I looked at this thread name, I thought it’ll be something about PCs or other stuff that I don’t know about. I checked it because I was curious what it is about. After reading where it’s put, and what you’re asking about, I literally thought about closing it and not giving a fuck, but I am a type of person that likes to point out hard to understand things.

So, next time, don’t be lazy and name your threads normally, please.

I understand. Sadly, there’s no way for me to edit the thread’s title so please feel free to close it.

If u have time to read and wrote this, u really could write down ur worst nemesis combo.

Yesterday was i think the worst, but don’t know.

2 valdaran, Gavathul, iron maiden.

For me 1 2 valdaran the worst, since he can put the most fucked up situation, and there is grava or even worse ekeztul too. U really have to focus. Moreover there can be iron, fabius, alaksander wich is great.

Situation: Grava cast the chaos pool eke the “fissure” spell, Valdaran put u into and one more meteor from alaksander and u are dead…

This is the most rarest situation but it can happen.

Closing: There is less danger, till u can handle the situation. No matter what u can handle any nemesis with kite or u can prepare for the shit coming. Valdaran the only thing u really dont know where he will be tp u…

2 alaksander would be problematic.

You’re attacking me because I just informed him/her about a mistake. Like, what?

If you have time to write all of that, you can write “you”

Rather self explanatory title. Outside Crucible one wont encounter 2 or more Nemesis. :confused:

I dont play crucible, but I suppose one could approach the question from the angle of ranged / melee classes, how they do against certain combinations, certain resistances, etc :rolleyes:

Nope i didn’t. I just say, u can write down ur opinion about ur nemesis combo if u informed him about his mistake.

I did. :slight_smile:

The title was something else, a mod must have changed it

u did not u wrote u instead of you

Oh so u are english grammer freak instead of stick to the thread thema.

The worst possible nemesis combination at crucible gladiator 170 is in my opinion: Reaper, Grava’Thul, Alexander and Valdaran.

It’s quite impossible to hide under the arch and wait for Alexander to go down, which is my usual strategy. You have to kite with this combination (even with a cdr stacking spellbinder) and Valdaran can really disrupt that by teleporting you into Reaper’s wraiths, Grava’Thul’s projectiles or even Alexander’s meteor. Besides, killing one of them doesn’t make things much easier as is the case with most other combinations.

For pet builds I guess anything with Grava’Thul and 2 Alexanders would be hard to crack.

From this post I can tell you don’t play crucible often :stuck_out_tongue:

At 160, 2 AoM and 1 Vanilla nemeses spawn. At 170, 2 AoM and 2 Vanilla nemeses spawn. Both setups you mentioned are impossible.

For me hardest combo is Alex that doesn’t spawn near you, then Benn’Jahr/Valdaran+Maiden in 170. The 4th doesn’t matter cause I kill it before the other three reaches me. What’s annoting with these three is that one can root/swap you to the meteor and one deals massive damage. Insta death if you get comboed.

Grava/maiden/Valdaran/Kuba can potentially be annoying.

I hate them all nemesis combinations. The problem for me is that none. of the existing class combinations work well and they perform subpar at least to me and my divine skills in this game. None synergizes with my gaming ability. Never manage to reach 170 and any combination wrecks me. .:cry: Only the forgotten gods dlc can help me beat the crucible with the aid of the oathkeeper mastery:cool:

There is no way tank tactician can’t get you to 170. I mean full face tank, not giving an inch away.

Ben, Alex, Maiden, Valdaran

lighting bolt (RR) => cage (- DA) => blitz => meteor = gg

or Ben, Alex, Reaper, Valdaran

teleport in pack of ghost (RR) => cage (- DA) => lighting bolt (RR) => meteor = also gg

but I am not blessed with your mad crucible talent. A good character( and I have many) cant make it to the end without some Super F style skills *insert crappy PC specs cough :eek:

I could swear I fought Grava’Thul with Reaper at his side and died of Alexander’s meteor once but I must be wrong…embarrassing…

I guess only a binder is capable of such a feat.