Worth Every Penny :)

Bought the Loyalist 2 pack today, and now I own all DLCs :partying_face:

Immediately had to try on the Great Wolf armor set – and of course also had to pose for a cool photo :upside_down_face:

Thanks for this awesome game!


Nice and congrats. This picture is giving me expansion vibes. A travel to a gloomy harsh winter wonderland. An expansion area we deserve to see but we will never ever have :smiling_imp:

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Yeah, it’s Asterkarn Mountain.

yeah the most uneventful areas of the game :face_vomiting:

only goood thing now is we have the fitting costume to traverse these boring snowy lands

Someone didn’t read Trip South I see.
That screenshot is amazing dude! Reminds me TQ Ragnarok :3

Do we know who wrote “The Trip” anyway? That is a piece of art of its own. Hell, what a story!

Knew it was in there somewhere.

aka Hyboreal.

Iirc from one of the dev streams, it’s the only lore note he’s written for the game.

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Thanks. The beam is an “effect” I added in Paint(.net), so nothing from the game. It’s just some colors with a blur effect on top :smiley:

Thanks for this info, Medeaa.

Trip South was insanely good, and riveting. It actually reminded me a bit of The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Major props to Hyboreal for this piece of GD lore. :+1:

I was playing Titan Quest i had no idea this game even exist till about 3 months ago when i saw a vid on youtube.