Would be nice to have multiple "assignment rings" depending on number of workers assigned to a building

Might already be in the plan but it would be nice for certain service buildings to be able to have a separate assignment ring for each worker in the building. For example, you should be able to add more than one worker to the rat catcher building and each worker should have their own ring so you could get coverage of multiple buildings. There’s really no need to build multiple rat catcher buildings, they aren’t storing anything.


What about making the circle bigger if there are more workers?

This is sorely needed in addition to an extra worker for forager shacks and fishing shacks. We end up needing way too many of those by tier 3 and things get cluttered and it kind of looks ridiculous. It makes sense to need a lot as you really expand, but you end up with so many while your town is pretty small still. Makes way more sense that an extra worker would just be added rather than an entire new building

How many did you build? I have 500+ pop and like 5 rat catchers. Since they have to cover different areas anyway it’s fine that they’re spread throughout the city.

Unfortunately, due to my map layout, i basically have two distinct villages so i would like to be able to build one building with two workers and two assignment areas. Just seems like a waste of space and resources to have to keep building these buildings. I’d much rather have upgrade paths to allow additional workers and more coverage or work areas.

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