Wow, what did you guys do to crucible?!

So I fired up crucible today to see what the new changes were like, the new waves, the new enemies and just…what? A build that could clear wave 150 on challenger can’t clear past wave 160 on aspirant now. Also is it me or are the enemies much harder to kill now? Some of those enemy combinations are brutal. Funnily it isn’t the Nemesis mobs I am having issue with. It is when you get multiple spawns of time warped enemies. When your build relies on attack speed to survive it makes it brutally hard.

I understand crucible is supposed to be a challenge and I applaud you for constantly updating but maybe tone it down with the aspirant level difficulty since it is supposed to be the “easiest” difficulty?

You will probably need to change your build up a bit to deal with the crucible updates. No need for nerfs, just need to adapt.

Wow, what did you guys do to crucible?!

Since some of you mortals grew cocky and didn’t give me enought respect I decided to raise the stakes. Now you’ll know your place, transient beings. I shall enjoy your salty tears.

Actually I do agree that the new waves are extremely hard, like it’s riddiculous. I have two builds that previously can clear Gladiator on autopilot but now struggle at wave 160+.
Kuba + a bunch of other nemeses are pure sadistic, especially for a tank build.
Aleksander + random shits flying around is almost impossible to counter.
I think I’ll just co-op from now on, Jesus.

Oh and happy Holidays guys.

Except you, dickhead.

And you didn’t even change your lines when we enter 151 and 161? What kind of demigod are you? I guess the repeated beating we’ve done to you in the course of more than two months have done more than I’ve thought.

Agreed on the crucible being extra hard, though. But it’s only a matter of time before we figure it out. Hell, Fluff might have already made/updated 5 builds for it since he got to play it earlier.

Last piece of info I heard from Fluff is that only the cheesiest of casters have a chance. :undecided:

Buff duration feels so short

I wasn’t calling for any kind of nerfs. I just thought that aspirant was supposed to be like an introductory level for crucible. To learn the mechanics and the ropes. With the new enemies added and the new nemesis, aspirant past wave 150 now feels more like you are playing challenger.

My build is still work in progress but it did clear challenger which is why I am wondering if aspirant beyond wave 150 might be too hard at the moment if it can’t be cleared by a build that could formerly clear challenger? I mean those time warped enemies for any melee build are going to be a nightmare when you consider the other potential enemies that are involved in waves with them. When you get kuba and grava and time warped enemies you are probably going to wipe.

Aspirant/Challenger Crucible beyond 100 is intentionally overly challenging because there’s no “completionist” reason to really do it. Once you reach 100, you can move on to the next difficulty. As such, anything above 100 is a substantial increase in challenge as though to simulate a difficulty change.

If you’re ‘learning the mechanics and the ropes,’ you have no reason to want to reach 170 Aspirant.

Good to know, I only solo crucible with those builds :smiley:

Not sure how this would affect multiplayer though since I personally enjoy Crucible that way the most. And I haven’t tried it but regardless of whatever I am fine with Crucible being tough since I always views it as an end game DLC and not an actual end game

I wonder what Lokarr has to say about this?

About what? Probably nothing. I’m just monitoring this thread with popcorn.

Wow, so it’s that hard. Made that statement earlier because I had no idea how hard reaper of the lost can be. That guy’s gonna kill everyone. Alex + Kupa was way easier than Reaper. Though I did not expect that only the cheesiest of casters can survive cause reaper has a slow which makes it hard to kite. Guess the S&B nerf really hit them.

I can confirm - unless you re close to permanent unvulnerability you wont reliably make it to lootchest . 2 Alex, Grava and a bunch of trapper-skelletons and you are dead w/o Miror or MT+MsoP.

Murder Sex on Plane?
Monty Shits on Pajamas?

My Sweet Old Pony:p

Korvaak was right - humans are miserable wretches. :mad:

So how’s your Spellbinder build faring in Glad now? That’s the thing closest to permanent invulnerability I’ve seen. And it was buffed.

Hehe, i wonder if i should post video or keep quite about her performance :cool:

Do you have to go past 150 to get good chests, or does wave 150 still give good loot? Also, is it harder at 150 and below, or was that also increased in difficulty?