Wrapover character screen

My most played characters names begin with A.B and Z . Damn you , with a lot of mules and alts between , somewhere about 30’ish .

Instead of scrolling up to the top and down to the bottom , could it not be possible to scroll over the top or through the bottom like a wrapover , would be much easier getting around the character screen .

I don’t know about anyone else but when I first fire the game up the character select screen is very very sluggish , I have to scroll up to a char wait a few seconds for him to appear and repeat , if I scroll a long way up or down it takes an absolute age for my character to appear . Once I’ve played a while and swap characters it’s much improved .

But , I have had so many crashes on the select screen anyway , if I click to fast before the char is fully formed I can just get the screen to lock up and have to task manager it .

I would so love this and have suggested it a few times. In Titan Quest you scrolled left and right and so could cycle through your toons - the last Z bringing you back to A again. Why we can’t do the same when we reach the bottom or top of the GD list I don’t know. It would make things so much easier when you have a lot of toons to get through.

I find it slow sometimes, others it’s quite fast. I find I can skip two characters without problems, but any more than that and it takes forever for the selected character to load. But a new PC is in the process of being installed so hopefully that might speed things up for me.