Any news on the Xbox one version cannot wait to play.

Not yet. Still waiting.

I’m waiting for the same news. Not getting Forgotten Gods on the PC, but waiting on the Xbox version instead.

i am still waiting to xbox version, porting is taking that much?

Zantai has said several times that the plan is to bundle the base game and expansions into one for the Xbox release. Since they’re still adding to FG (new rogue dungeon coming out later in the year) and also getting some more benefits from the Xbox work to port over to the PC version of the game I expect it’s going to be a little while yet. He’ll tell us when they have a definite date for release.

Do you know what the plans are for multiplayer on the Xbox version? Will there be local multiplayer?

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I don’t I’m afraid. The devs haven’t mentioned what sort of multiplayer for Xbox there might be.

Thanks. I’m been lurking for awhile on these forums, and enjoy playing grim dawn. Looking forward to the next game crate is working on.

i wish they did not say this much earlier that is coming to xbox in the first place. can’t wait since then :frowning:

no news right?

Latest news

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Any updates here? It’s been a while.

Sorry, we should have closed this thread. Check out the latest news in the main topic or have a look at the summary in Status of Grim Dawn’s Xbox port.