Xpac Blueprints

Does anyone know of a list of new blueprints added? I had a printed version of all blueprints prior to xpac that I checked off as I learned them (had all of them!!). Would love to know how many new ones to keep my eye out for.

Grimtools is up to date and has all items nad Blue prints of AoM.

googleing for Ashes of Malmouth with keyword “AoM” is difficult, since you get tons of Age of Mythology stuff.

You could seek in the Fandom Grim dawn Wiki, but as far as i know they are not up to date with AoM (because everyone is playing so they dont have time to write).

Wish it was printable, if I select all to print it only prints one page all cut off. If I copy and paste to word it’s a bloody mess with no images.

Just a check list of all blueprints would be awesome, one without the materials needed. Please crate in a game manual or something. Maybe even a check list window to open and show what ones you have vs don’t (dull if not found, bright if learned) something for us completest would be great.