Your Favorite Build?

Hello everyone!

My mind is kind of spinning and i cant really decide what to play next, there are just too many options. :slight_smile: I got a 85 blademaster and a 85 aether ray sorcerer atm. So i just wanna know what u guys enjoy playing the most and maybe it could give me some idea’s. Appreciate the help

You did a ranged spammer and a DW melee guy, i guess it’s time for a cooldown-based caster.

Something like a lighting druid (Storm totem, Wind devil, Sky shard), or vitality conjurer (Sigil + Wendigo totem + Devouring swarm). I played a vitality caster for a while, it’s ridiculously powerful. I haven’t tried a lightning druid myself, but I’ve seen him destroy everything in mp games.

Alternatively, a Block/retaliation build maybe? Those are essentially indestructible, though slower than the chars you played. Making a Witchblade atm, but only lvl 50 so far so can’t comment much.

Both of the builds I mentioned are probably going to get significant buffs in the next patch, since attaching an on attack/block devotion skill to a skill with cooldown will greatly increase their proc chance. I’m mostly thinking about Aetherfire and Targo’s hammer which don’t have a cooldown (assuming the devs don’t add one to those procs). Totems, Wind devil and Sigil hit many times and can be kept up all of the time. Pneumatic burst and Blood of Dreeg can be kept up all of the time, but they have a cooldown so should buff the proc chance.

From personal experience, I had a lot of fun with an Aether-based Phantasmal blades build, but it plays more or less like the Sorcerer (Devastation and Agrivix’s malice providing a lot of damage). Still, clears Bastion ridiculously quickly. I have a Dual Stormheart elementals which is also a lot of fun, but in the end it’s weaker version of the BM.

Thanks alot for the quick reply and great idea’s mate. I have been leaning towards a shaman honestly so thats great to hear. Havent thought about a retaliation build really but worth looking into, Ive looked at Phantasmal blades and it seems cool, tho alot of people say its been nerfed hard and isnt playable without bis gear, do u agree? getting bis gear for a build should not be a problem just curious if this is true or not.

A build I’m thinking about trying is a bleeding/pierce (most bleeding) Trickster. It looks like it can use both a DW setup with Slaughter relic and DW passives, and a DW/gun + shield/melee + shield with Phantasmal Blades, both of them with maxed Devouring Swarm with Rend from Huntress devotion (something like this build or one of the builds in this thread). It looks very versatile and with a lot more survivability than standarde DW builds.

I’ve only created 2 builds so far - lvl 83 oh + shield Blademaster and lvl 53 dw lighting Trickster. The Blademaster is really easy to play and almost immortal, but it’s almost painful to kill bosses since it takes so long, while the Trickster is more or less the opposite, killing bosses like flies.

Looking at your 2 characters, if I were you I would try some of the versatiles build (like the bleeding one I posted, Commando, Warden, etc) or a tank build, just to see a different playstyle. The post was bigger than I thought lol, but anyway, I hope I helped somehow.

I’m simple lol. Pretty much my conjurer (Pet) and my Commando (2H Shotgun) that I need to remake.

Have a few 85s, poison blademaster and spellbreakers, but my fav is my lightning trickster. Melts everything in ultimate including nemesis. Honestly only reason I don’t play him much is the easy mode feeling. Currently leveling a more traditional pierce BM, but so far it’s no where near as powerful

I’ve very partial to Primal Strike. Right now I’m playing a conjurer, with an emphasis on the shaman side with the pets simply being there to annoy mobs and take agro. (Meaning I’m not really making them beefier or do more dmg, but I am putting points into their buffs)

Well, you already have my fav build that you’ve finished to 85… super duper death ray!! so much fun.

I am starting to enjoy my blade arc shaman/soldier though. lightning based, crit based (just the skill and stormcallers gives em+100% crit damage on blaed arc!), plus all the stuns available to the two tree using a two handler. very very fun :slight_smile: and ZAPS everywhere!

I like my pokemon build if I’m feeling lazy, but its not very engaging compared to the constant death making from deathrays or attacks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you spot something that makes you go ZING :smiley:

…can’t stop playing my Blademaster (see sig.) …has everything completed and so much time to have near-perfect gear (coming up for 1 week in game-time)…I have completed Ultimate with 5 chars now but this is the one character that I always go back to when I get bored with something else!

Wow thanks alot guys awesome tips

@Gaftgarion - I Have been looking into some kind of bleed build and it seems intriguing, Its definitly one of my candidates atm.

@Inzhain - Is dw pistol/rifle builds really fun? it might be just me but it seems boring :o , but i have never tryed one so i dont know what im talking about.

@Frostx - Ye lightning trickster seems kinda beast, do you use DW Stormheart’s ? And ye im kinda feeling the same thing with my Blademaster, i love it for farming since it wrecks everything. Another question tho, the trickster doesnt feel to much the same as the blademaster?

@Lane - Primal strike do look pretty cool aswell, thanks for the tip.

@StillSingle - Ye man death ray is great :slight_smile: That looks like a fun way of doing blade arc, ill definitly play around with that idea. I started a Conjurer and sure its pretty slack but the whole doing “nothing” well i get bored :stuck_out_tongue:

@krsboss - Havent really thought about doing another blademaster, never really thought about going shield on one either. Cool idea, how is the clear speed on it?

Keep the tips commin :slight_smile: you guys are probably helping some other people aswell with ure tips!

I love playing arcanist, full offense build… living on the edge ( not really its SC )

I’m kind of in search of such a build - extreme high DPS ranged caster (direct damage, AOE, or DoTs actually doesn’t matter) - but all builds i checked are either gear-depended (or even don’t work without specific gear at all), start working only around 70-85 lvl with “play as you like before reaching X level” as tips.

Personally I think melee dual wield is the most fun. And I like the spirit based ones the best even though they are probably a bit slower than the traditional BM.
Dual Stormhearts are just so visually pleasing to me. Tried trickster, saboteur and spellbreaker. Saboteur is my favorite.
Dual pistols on the other hand I don’t like much, I much prefer 2handed when playing ranged.
And I guess I’m a sucker for lightning because primal strike is more fun than firestrike when playing ranged. Especially with the rifles with 100% chance to pass through enemies.
I have tried 2 different melee primal strikers aswell but they were less fun to me.
My strongest character at the moment is probably the CT/Devastation sorc with alot of procs. It is probably my 3rd favorite after I got a hold of the outcast’s secret hood.

Thats a cool idea tbh ive never thought about doing a full 1 class build.

Gotta say dual Stormhearts do look awesome so somekind of build around them could be sweet, regarding the 2h rifle i guess ill have to give it a try aswell cause people seem to like it :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite has to be the Gunslinger Sorcerer. For some reason dual wielding guns is just a lot of fun ^^ The combination of Demolitionist and Arcanist works really well, with a good combination of active skills, cc, nuke, and of course 3sec invulnerability.

For reference I also have high level Warder and Blademaster chars. BM is also a lot of fun, particularly the movability, and whilst Warder is pretty powerful it’s a bit faceroll and so not as enjoyable.

Currently levelling a hybrid 2h ranged/melee commando which is also cool but I’m already missing the Arcanist tree from my Gunslinger!

Yeah dual storm hearts rock. But I think the main reason I love my trickster the most is wendigo totem. With optimal gear, he just doesn’t die, while dishing out fantastic dps. One thing I will say though, even on a great system, all the lightning spam does lead to some fps drops