Your last day on earth..

what do you do?

Drink some beer, play my bass, and then go driving as fast as i can. Ohh and get some booty :stuck_out_tongue:

Get booty.

Find and beat the hell out of everyone who’s done me wrong and affected my life in a negative big way.

Cook my favorite foods and eat them. Watch my favorite movies.

Be thankful I get to see my dead family again.

Enjoy the day with my friends or read a good (comic) book. Seriously: clean my home.

I would need notice what day that’s going to be…
It’s a long flight. But the plan is to be in Germany to taste all 200+ types of beer.

Get 200 lbs of fish, smear myself with said fish, bring fish with me to look for sharks.

Gonna get a real close up photo!

Get a gun. Find Elon Musk. Hold Elon Musk hostage. Negotiate Musk and I onto a ship off the planet. Spend last day on Earth not on Earth.

If fail = you’re welcome, I gave the world something to talk about for a few minutes.

If success = kudos to me + Elon gets to test his reentry landing scenario with a live human.

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I’ll help you out but first you have to let me sample all the cheeses that Wisconsin is renowned for.

No prob. We got a lot of beer here too. Lotsa German immigrants settled this area of the US.

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Weird… you mentioned Elon Musk last night.
Than this:

Well, the way I see it my last day could go one of four ways.

  1. I could get killed in the hostage attempt. Boohoo. Gunna die anyway.

  2. I could get captured and restrained in the attempt. Boohoo. Gunna die anyway.

  3. We blow up on takeoff. Boohoo. Gunna die anyway.

  4. We make it. Yay. Still gunna die.

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eat pizza until i explode

Hug my kids and cry, I guess. Nothing else comes to mind.

last day on earth i would just die like everyone else.

Play games of course, like any other day. What kind of people are you? :rolleyes:

First id likely tell the people around me how i really feel about them (both positively and negatively) and if they didn’t like what i had to say about it, then well that’s not my problem.

Then I would clean the dust off my Persian Shamshir and smite some people who have done me really wrongly in the past.

Finally I would likely just go back to playing grim dawn or poe until i die knowing i have no more loose ends to tie up…

Is it everyone’s last day on earth or just mine?

Nothing special,just live it like any other day.

Guess I’ll repent… :rolleyes: