Your personal Grim Dawn Coach

New to Grim Dawn or perhaps Hack & Slash games in overall? Need help with the game and understanding it? I’m willing to help you just for the bare sake of having some fun playing through the game together with someone(Too beautiful to be true, right? But it is true). Just message me up on discord in case you’d be interested or write a reply post underneath this one.
My discord: Rakso#0972
If you know me from Discord, you could recommend me as a Coach, if you’d like to.

My traits:

  • I’m Patient.
  • I currently got some time availability & flexibility.
  • I can voice chat through Discord when it’s possible for me (environment).
  • I have a simple and straightforward approach. I don’t like to go into details when explaining stuff unless I deem so necessary. Believing so, that most of the time that being unnecessary. I think that deep details mostly just make your head heavier for no reason and overcomplicates game concepts that first hand should be left simplistic.
  • Quite “popular” Grim Dawn Discord server member. Kappa

My languages:

  • English
  • /or Polish.

My experience & what I’m good at:

  • Know how to make own builds, help others with their builds, know other people that could even further help by reviewing that build in case I could miss on something trivial,
  • Game speed x2.0 Hardcore Solo-Self-Found Experience,
  • Game speed x2.0 Solo-Self-Found Hardcore Classless Challenge Experience,
  • Hardcore Solo-Self-Found mono-class Experience(Mainly Demolitionist) - Was my first playthrough of this game,
  • SuperBoss Bossing & Boss farming Experience,
  • Shattered Realm 100+ Experience,
  • “Acceptable” Crucible Experience [Beat it extra spawns] - (not a speedrunner).
  • Already got the “introducing experience” about which is that post.


  • Demolitionist,
  • Occultist,
  • Oathkeeper(mostly as a support class) - Shieldbreakers & Sentinels,
  • Making Meme-builds on softcore that suck ass at high SR or Crucible in my opinion, but I don’t give a shit lol,
  • Good looking aesthetically builds(animations of skills combo’ed),
  • Trolling,
  • Explaining stuff in a direct and trival way, usually detailless,
  • Grim Dawn campaign & in-game lore.


  • Minion builds of all sorts(Don’t expect help in this case, mainly because of my ignorance & lack of experience in the cathegory, and also me having zero interest in that at any case whatsoever - I’m sorry),
  • Ignoring side-quests.
  • Unneccesarily long and over-detailed beginner guides. NERD! kappa
  • Overcomplaining from people and people scared of ever seeking for their own independence. (I could help you out with this here too).

Rules of couching:

  • We both play on Softcore(I don’t want to lose a student half-way through the game. That’s embarassing + It’s a waste of time),
  • We both play on Veteran for Normal difficulty.
  • We play the same build, with same skills as starter-builds, we can differ from eachother by the second class if I agree on that, or we haggle about what build to play, but I’m hard to convince.
  • If you know how to play the game and just wanna troll me or something get lost dude. lol You are wasting your time + my time + someone’s else time who could use some help from me.


  • Touch Forgotten Gods DLC content on Veteran beyond reaching the Conclave of the Three(and unlocking the faction & just buying a bunch movement skills from Medal augments).
  • Touch Ashes of Malmouth DLC content further after reaching a specific town on Veteran.
  • Touch any DLC content at all on Elite.
  • plan to play Crucible, or Shattered Realm with you for the time of this couching.
  • “babysitting” you in this game forever. The point is you becoming independent.





Seeing “trainer” in the topic title, I assumed something like a program with cheat codes… :upside_down_face:


Thanks for letting me know. Changed.


Seriously though, at first glance (haven’t been coached by you [btw that’s word that would best fit in the title imo!] so I don’t know) looks like following some beginner guide and then playing on their own as they teach you which skills, items, components etc. to prioritize / how to think, it’s usually quite similar between characters. The difference is one has less independence in i.e. choosing a build if harassed coached by you :wink:

Nice CV but how many final GT links have you bookmarked (or lost) since GT is the real game?
A few hundreds are required to lose rookie status.


i didn’t know grim dawn is an e-sports game. this feels like a CV for e-sport coaches. a good one. but me personally i’m a type of player who cares more about immersing myself un lores, characters stories and world design in games rather than min-maxing builds for getting bigger numbers in evertthing.


Who knows maybe the whole thread was made so Rakso can just flex about his amazing achievements!

As a coach he will tell people about no full auto in buildings or whatever that is not yet covered by a guide. :smirk:


Lol :rofl:

The reason I’m making these detailed guides is precisely because I don’t want / have time to explain the same shit to different people over and over and over again. Even had to remind some people that I’m not coaching who had been contacting me in pm for a more personal approach.

Really interested in how your experiment would go, tbh looks like an invitation to play multiplayer together even if one doesn’t need a coach per se.


As a new person in this game that didn’t watch any guides and stuff like that whatsoever, I thought that chosing a second class is permanent. With time only I learned that you can pick a secondary class just to check it’s skills, and review in the same fashion all other ones as long as you don’t click 1/50 and confirm on mastery. Also didn’t even know about Grim Tools back then. :smiley: I picked up an arcanist on level 80 or something, so don’t worry. xD

That was just merely just a joke right there, but perhaps someone could find those details worth to know for themselves, at any case to me it just looks too excessive, but to each their own.
Maybe could without multiplayer, would be harder but manage’able. Honestly I spend a lot of time daily typing on chats with people, so replying to someone all over on DM is not an issue for me and takes zero effort, but writing a poem or such already would be. Don’t know, it’s a matter of personal taste tbh. Anyways, I’d really like to use my knowledge somehow to help people willing it. I know it’s specific right there and not for everyone, but I don’t really mind that as long as somebody gets interested. I certainly don’t bite :slight_smile:

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You are right. “Who knows?”. :smirk: but I assure you I’d just want to help people + find some activity for myself at this game. Maybe I did that part too spicy, but I merely just wanted to stay honest.

I love that part too. Don’t judge people by the cover. :slight_smile: I’m not however into lore speculations topics. Anyways, I should definately mention that one, was foolish of me not to. I still like to replay the game like Solo-Self-Found on occasion. One of the reason that allows one to immerse into the game for someone better, than a speedlevelling with specific items that I guess you might know of.

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Thanks. and that is true, I just think that I wouldn’t find myself being helpful to someone in specific terms like minion-stats per game stage being one example provided. On anything else I would probably agree as long as it just shares one class in common with me. Didn’t intend of someone having a similar end-game build to mine, but more like just going through the game with the same skill.

I would happen to argue if I had the willingness that such a vast knowledge about builds is required in order to be succesful at this game. However you are right, that one can’t be a Complete player without that, and as soon as some inspiration hits me, I’d definately start making even more builds to add into my bookmarks, the only problem I have is that I go more for personal-taste quality, than spam. xD I should probably go on with a Fortune Wheel at some point.

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One class of my choosing for us + second one whatever one might wish it to be, doesn’t sound that bad to me. I’d understand a whole build, but this is merely a class, and just one on top of that. Haggle part was more about convincing my into changing my one to one of their likings, so that we might play entirely their classes of choosing by then :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see right through your scheme. You’re recruiting members for Rak-sect and training them as Demolitionists for some evil purpose.


grim dawn is now an e-sport game, what, you been living under a rock or something?

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I don’t wanna be “coach”, I want to be ‘‘influencer’’ :sunglasses:



Teach me your secrets senpai

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gif LUL