0.7.3 Freezing the game during playing

Joxi (1.6 Mb) закачан 11 августа 2022 г. Joxi game is freezingevery 10-15 min. Maybe it is autosave freeze.

I experience the same. Lasts for 30 second then continues

Same here started at 150 pop, now 300 the game freezes for 3-10 seconds randomly several times a minute.

i7 9700K
16GB ram
windows 10
RX 5700

i found a solution to this problem. The main graphics do not increase more than 100%.

It’s strange, I have enough RAM and virtual memory, but as Microsoft told me, that this is the problem of the game itself, because it does not know how to work with virtual memory and there is a leak. I will not raise more than 100%.

However, a crash can very rarely occur after a few hours.

I checked the system, RAM for errors, there were no problems.
So, we are waiting for the patch, it’s a pity that the developers do not promptly respond and release fixes of fatal errors.

I did the crash study here Game crashes - #15 by Farid

They already mentioned a possible fix for the next patch. Thank’s for your hard work, but please be patient, I’m sure we will have a solution.

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