0.7.4. - After turning off automatic upgrades, turning it back on doesn't restart upgrades but they must be enabled manually for every building

As title said, I turned off automatic upgrades for a while (couple years) because I was running into gold problems and wanted to save up. All buildings that currently were in the process up upgrading had a little red hand symbol above which says “construction at this site has been temporatily halted”. So far normal. But the hand should automatically disappear when I turn automatic upgrades back on and construcion should commence afaik. But it doesn’t. Even after years with automatic upgrades turned back on, the hands stay and construction stays halted. When clicking on the individual buildings (while automatic upgrades are turned back on) I see that the box “construction enabled” is unchecked in every building. I can only fix this, by clicking this checkbox on every building (yep, I have ~700 villagers right now…).

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