[0.7.4] Breweries showing the 'not providing entertainment' icon

To note, still showing those icons after a couple reboots of the game from the main menu & from fully closing/reopening the game.

Same problem here, they seem to work fine, the same issue with pubs, they work fine but keep showing this notification.


Confirmation. Wanted to report this bug, found this thread now.

My prepared post:

Brewery complains about missing entertainment - Build 0.7.4

My brewery is complaining about entertainment. It says it could not provide entertainment. Well, that’s true because it’s only crafting beer and does not provide entertainment at all. Since this notification makes no sense and can not be reduced I guess it’s a simple bug.

Still the case with v0.7.5f. Just loaded in my current town (started in 0.7.5b or c, can’t remember which one exactly).

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Yep, came here to report the same. This was fixed in 0.7.5 (and I don’t recall what letter of without letter patch) and was reintroduced in 0.7.5f.

same here… the game is frankly a mess right now… this and so many other issues…irritating

This was not fixed in v0.7.5, but it is on our radar. As it is cosmetic, it hasn’t been a priority.


Haha, figured it would be fairly low down the totem pole as it’s not degrading to the gameplay imo. Still gonna sink an unholy amount of time playing till 6am on work nights

yeh it’s almost as if its early access and a BIG HUGE STONKING warning about the same isn’t on the load screen when you bring it up…


Oh okay, the bug was gone for me after a recent update though and only came back with 0.7.5f. Not sure what might have caused that then, interesting.

Ah, so its just cosmetic? I thought that because the icon was appearing, I was getting some sort of debuff by it.

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and almost as if by actually playing the game and pointing out its faults (as they want us to do) some patronising loud mouth will sound off and go all parental if anyone criticises anything…

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