[0.7.4] Villagers don't chose nearest house - extremly long foot walks

When you have a saandpit or whatever, that is far away, and you build 1 or 2 houses near it, plus water and forager, then you would asume, that the workers from the pit/mine and the forager would occupy the houses.

But instead some random people are chosen to live there. This makes no sense (apart from the logic that is in the game - not very logical to me). This results in a healer, that works 3 “screens” away from the healers’ house, the fishermen walks 4 screens to his hut, but the workers from the mine/pit still live in the town…

Please build in some logic, that workers chose a house near their work.

Otherwise: Implement a railroad so we can get people around the map faster… :wink:

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