[0.7.5.d] gold income & music


I have noticed 2 issues:

  1. Gold income:

I started out with having proper income expense calculations.
Mid game the balance sheet turned suddenly to 0 showing neither incomes nor expenses…
A year later it only listed my expenses, no income. I waited a year, repositioned my markets but nothing helped and my vault savings were depleted.
I saved the game and loaded the save.
Game started with neither expenses nor income, the year after only incomes. I left it, thought to exploit the bug (shame on me).
A year later expenses were back and everything seems normal.

I notice however strange fluctuation. I have years with 300 income, the next it drops suddenly to 40 and so on.

I have 3 markets, homesteads and luxury goods which should bring a total of 220 income roughly. Expenses are services around 80 and garrison about 120.
I construct as well, which is sometimes shown in the expenses but nothing would explain why all expenses or incomes suddenly disappear and the vault is empty as a the wallet in my pocket.
Problems started roughly at year 35. Could be coincidence or not but i had built a 3rd market and got a 57 raider attack.

  1. Music:
    My sound settings are:
  • music settings to the furthest left (off)
  • all other sound settings are at the right (on).

By initially starting the game settings are respected.
I noticed however (already during 0.7.4 but it continues in 0.7.5.d) that upon returning to the main menu music is played. Checked the settings, which are still shown as above mentioned. Moving the slider silences the music immediately.
If I load a save while in a game upon building up the map before exiting the black screen the music plays again for one song - I belief the main song. After that music goes silence again.

Music should be easy to fix I guess.
The balance sheet thing I have no idea. Let me know if you need specific testing to get more info on the issue.

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