0.7.5c Trader Info window persist although trader is gone

When a trader visit my town there is a info icon on the left top window.
When I press it there are details (trader name and so on, with a magnifying glass)
If this window is open while the trader leave, this window does not close. Also I cant close it manually.
Only load the game will close it.


This has happened to me as well

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Confirming that the only way to get it to go away is to reload the game.


If you click the exact same icon again, it also doesn’t go away?

The icon goes away with the trader, so that is not possible.

Happened to me also, disapeared reloading game 1st time. Next bug I let the window and it disapeared by itself on trader rotation

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yes,me too

Yes me too

Can confirm that this still occurs with 0.7.5d

Had this happen in 0.7.5c yesterday, and seemingly the trader in the stuck notification didn’t return - I played for another 3-4 years before finishing for the night, and didn’t see them once, despite having them every year since my trade post went up. Other traders appeared as normal.

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