0.7.5F | Failed to save the game after 3-4 years

Dear developers.

I really exciting to play The Farthest Frontier and this is really I want.

But I encounter the error with saving the games after 3-4 years with this message.

[v0.7.5f] Game failed to save properly.
The failed saved file has been named: FrontierSaveFailed.sav

And once this error occurs, I never save the game any more so I have to start a new game.
I encountered twice since I updated the game to 0.7.5f.

I uploaded my save folder of this town with the below link.

So could you confirm my error and fix it, please ?


Processing: FrontierSaveFailed.sav…

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We’ve tried loading and saving your files, are you running low on space on the C: drive by any chance?

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Thank you for confirmation.

My C: drive free space is 494GB (totally 953GB) so I have enough capacity.
And I installed the game on D:\Program Files\steamapps folder.


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Any software like OneDrive or antivirus potentially interfering?

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I’ve checked and haven’t found any massages related to this behavior from the logs of Unti-Virus
And I don’t link One Drive to my local Documents folder, so One Drive should not affect this.

I’m happy for first 3-4 years without any error happens on saving the game.

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this happen to me after i get this message :smiley:

I hope it fix

happened to me on year 63 , i think with a population of nearly 600 , rolled a new map and it works fine :expressionless:

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I encountered this problem again in 2nd year, population is 33…

Should I upload the failed save data?
Or I can upload any other log files if it helps to investigation.

Thank you.

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I had this issue as well around year 3 probably, it eventually stopped and started saving properly.

however now when i just went to load in all my saved data has been deleted, even other towns I had

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