0.7.5f Hunter Trap English Localization Bug

Steam, US, English install. Mouse over tool tip, picture:

Hope you don’t mind me adding on, I noticed those tags as well, and today, once I had upgraded my hunter cabins I kept getting the notification to set trap numbers, however when I tried to reduce them they automatically returned to 4 per hunter cabin. I haven’t fully worked out how useful the traps are yet, but as I had only just found the only deer spawn on the map I was less interested in catching a couple of bunny rabbits, I wanted the big fatty deer! I take it the traps are useful for near-town copses when the deer aren’t handy, but I hope we can switch them off too.

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This was picked up in the play test, it is fixed in a future update.

Great, known issues said to report any in English. Followed directions.

No worries. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I reported it during the playtest, as well as the same bug when mousing over “Travel Time” in the Details section of the building UI, so I passed on Crate Entertainment’s response.

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