0.8.2b List of Bugs


Here are a list of a few random bugs I have encountered:

  • After a school is destroy (and also if everyone is dead), people are still educated.

  • When I click on a work camp, normally the one I select makes the circle yellow so I can easily spot it, but I have been having this issue where it does not highlight yellow, I select a different work camp and then reselect the workcamp and it will become yellow.

  • Gold is held in limbo at times where it will not be at any building; however, it will still be accessible to my people to access.

  • I had some raiders that were attacking my walls, but when I rounded up troops to go attack them, no matter how I clicked on them with the sword icon, it would only select my wall and not the raiders, which meant I literally had no way of killing them (I had no towers on that end).

  • I had a lookout tower where I wanted to deconstruct and move it. I checked the box so that construction was enabled. After selecting something else and coming back, that box unchecks. I now have a permanent tower I cannot seem to move. (edit: after awhile, this tower did deconstruct and move, so I guess maybe the fact that the box unchecks is a bug??)

  • EDIT - Bug, if immigrants come and ask to come to my city and I say no, I get another box that follows that says 0 immigrants would like to come. This happens every time I decline to let people come in, but does not happen if I accept them.

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I confirm the yellow circle, it has happened to me with hunters, collectors, and the rat hunter, with the work camps it has not happened to me yet


In your case the easy way is to rotate the camera so you can see
the troops with no wall. It is no different than you not being able to
a wall section to rebuild because something in in front of it so rotate
the camera.

next way if to use the flag and just drop it next to the troops you want to attack

Thanks, but I was just using town people as I didn’t have warriors yet. I’ll try the camera rotation.

right the camera rotation is the easy way.

I have two traders who will not leave the trading post. I have tried to force them to leave by moving the post but this hasn’t worked.

Known bug which should be fixed in the next patch. :crossed_fingers:

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