0.9.2a the fighters let the enemies pass


I placed 2 units to destroy the remnants of the group of bandits that entered the city but were repelled.
The fleeing bandits passed in front of the units without them reacting. I had to give the order manually by selecting the knights and targeting the fugitives one by one.

I’ve had to put my infantry directly in the path of raiders and have them on Offensive stance, making sure they weren’t also on Hold. Still didn’t move. Archers did attack but again, didn’t change position.

What stance were they in?

Sorry, I don’t remember if I modified the troop’s stance (offensive stance, defensive stance, …) but I don’t think so. What I know is that I took the cavalry out of the cavalry stable using the “flag combat area” button (I used the same process for the foot company). They joined flag and did nothing when the raiders passed in front of them.

In my playing, the only people that still care about the enemy once they start retreating are the hunters. Otherwise all soldiers just shrug and wave them goodbye. I think this was called out as a feature during the playtest.


I confirm the problem.

the troops fight against the raiders only if the raiders are not fugitives

I received a ransom demand. I refused to pay on purpose and made a save right before the fight. I destroyed part of my walls so that they could easily enter the city. I positioned part of my troops near the town hall and part of my troops withdrawn from the fighting. I waited until they had passed to target with the company flag the probable exit zone of the fugitives.

The troops went to their respective flags and did nothing.
I did not modify the stance of my troops.
when I click on all the troops to consult the stance (F9), “offensive stance” is highlighted


if you need the backup I can give it in private message

The issue is due to how retreating enemies are scored. We will be updating this behavior in the future. In the meantime, unless the raiders stole something, there is no gameplay benefit to picking off all the stragglers, except perhaps the satisfaction of cleaning them all up!

show no mercy !

to speak seriously.
there could be interesting gameplay if it were possible to search the remains of raiders and recover their weapons (a random drop). Another interesting gameplay: the more bitter the defeat, the longer the delay before the raiders decide to return. or randomly: an irresistible desire for revenge

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There are definitely scenarios where I would prefer show no mercy - like when they murdered around fifty miners when they decided not to go for my town center and decided to raid my mining camps. This is obviously roll play oriented, not gain something for killing them (there is a mod that handles rewards for killing raiders).

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