[] Ultimate Reaper blademaster build

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—Vergil, Devil May Cry 3[/RIGHT]

Hello, grim comrades! :slight_smile:

Since I don’t post previous versions of my blademaster build on forum, let me introduce Ultimate Reaper - a really powerful dual wielding blademaster with good survivability.

First of all - some stats and video.

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ggalSEmubY

Stats with auras and pneumatic burst:

With buffs in battle:

Conception of build (in brief):

Beronath fury + Shadow strike 26 lvl with Falcon swoop 20 lvl and deprametan claw\slicer with “of the wastes” (50 reduced res) suffix. This is the main difference from other dual wielding endgame blademaster builds.

Why deprametan claw? Because main damage of build - it’s pierce damage. Claw\Slicer gives 55% convert physical into pierce and with Blade of Nadaan constellation all physical damage (well, not all, because Shard of Beronath) on main hand convert to pierce. Very effective.

With other hand - Night’s chill 14 lvl + Assassin’s Mark 20 lvl and “of the wastes” suffix = -(38% + 33% +50%) =-121% pierce res.

It’s very effective combination and gives excellent results. Just look at that:

The Iron Maiden for 18 sec: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4tbnvKM-RQ

BennJhar for 20 sec: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E0M6_ncNoo

Other tough guys:

Fabius - about 20-25 second.

Valdaran - about 30 sec.

Moosilauke - about 1 min (just because he has two forms)

Loghorrean - about 50-60 sec.

Other game bosses - about 5-20 sec.

As result - small collection without deaths :cool: :

Clone of John Bourbon (without kill rest of clones) - about 4 min (even with yellow claw and without Falcon Swoop!) in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSCb2bg2V2s

Gear, skills and devotion in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHNT5XzDEO4

Grimcalc without gear bonuses: http://grimcalc.com/build/nHwbKh

Grimcalc with gear bonuses: http://grimcalc.com/build/ufRwL4

NOTE. Build have 10450 hp with 51 point in Physique. So I recommend slightly more - 56 and it gives about 10600 hp.


  1. Extremely high damage.

  2. Very good survivability for DD build.

  3. Very flexible build, easy to customize.

  4. Lots of fun :slight_smile:


  1. Extremely high gear requirements. I attached to post superior claw of the wastes + boots, but still.

  2. High energy consumption.

  3. Instable damage.

Few thoughts about some part of gear (rest is more or less clear, I suppose):

Pants. Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind. For resistances and spirit bonus (for rings and amulet spirit req).

Deathmarked Decapitator. Need 4 parts of set for +2 to all skills in Nightblade.

Haunted Steel (Deathmarked Decapitator). For quick health recovery when you fighting with hordes of mobs, even without Bloodthirster.

Arcane Spark (Badge of Mastery). Without this component you will suffer for very high energy consumption.

Aegis relic. Best completion bonus +% DA, it’s impotant. If you don’t have this bonus - up field command and shadow dance skills

And finally about main part of gear - Deprametan Claw\Slicer.

Fastest way to get this thing - it’s farm Grand Viziers (and other heroes) in Royal hive. Also you may use mods with increasing numbers of mobs. Few attempts - and you will get something like this:

Also, there is many good rare prefixes for this build such like bloodthirsty, frenzied, relentless, officers, tyrant, etc.

Hardcore mode

I think it’s possible, but only for experienced players. Follow this advice (for 85 lvl Ultimate):

  1. Avoid (especially, ESPECIALLY in Bastion of Chaos) poison\aether\chaos\etc puddles (I mean monsters attacks, not ground effect) or at least do not stand too long. If you fully surrounded in toxic puddle - use blade barrier

  2. Pneumatic burst should be a permanently effect, not from time to time

  3. If you fight with serious boss
    emesis - do not let your hp drop below about 70-80% .

  4. If your char catched some reduce resistances - run!

  5. Do not fight with the Iron Maiden without lots of elixirs. NEVER. If you want a 100% guarantee - don’t mess or choose another side. Zantarin - just a plush toy in comparison with her.

  6. Use Spiritbane Ointment if you fight with Anasteria and Bloodbound Ointment if you going in Bastiom of Chaos.

  7. Use Hoarfrost Ointment if you fight with Moosilauke.

  8. Be careful with reflectors.

That’s all and I hope what it was interesting for you (and hope what you understand my awful English :p).

PS You also may use slightly another variant (Thanks TomoDaK for idea) with dryad’s blessing instead turtle shell and with +1 active skill (Blade arc). It works fine too.

Attachment: DepClaw and boots.zip
Attachment: Untitled.png

Looks sick. Anyway how strong your build is without a DM shoulderguard? I want to make a BM as my next character but that thing seems to be rarer than a golden Pepe.

Just droped by to say I believe this is an extremly powerful and sick build :smiley: ! I especially applaud the way you covered up your weak points without sacrificing too much dps.

Just out of curiosity, however, how many times did you died until you required that gear ? I am asking because BMs are very gear-dependent and I believe you played it self-found…

@actuanpanda: I have 2 DM shoulderguards…they are NOT that rare.

Very-very many times :). Because I have a lot of experimenting. Strongly recommend have at least a part of this gear, so it’s build not for new players.

build is without a DM shoulderguard

Legendary blacksmith should be helping with missed gear

…nice use of Derp Slicer!

…I would probably be aiming to get an ‘of the Abyss’ suffix rather than of wastes as your suffix only has a % chance of activating but GL with that, at least there are a lot of chances for one to drop in the hive!

Nah, Abyss reduce % of % resistances, it’s not so effective. If you want without % chance of activating - it will be Plaguebearer’s prefix.

Cool claw ya got there :stuck_out_tongue: I think skills spent in class are up to preference, but there is something I dislike about your devotion setup. I would dump turtle for dryad as the shield just does not scale well. Then the 3 points from can Lion go into the 2x 5% HP nodes in the middle and the flat physical node on Oleron, or the 4% node in lion if you really want more hp.

I am inspired to return to my old farm route of croplands->hive and try to find such a weapon just to see how well it works :smiley:

yes of course…but good luck farming a Plaguebearer’s Derp Slicer of the Abyss!!!

55 reduced resistances off ‘of the wastes’ suffix is pretty much the highest flat value u r going to get, but at only 8% activation most enemies will be dead before it ever activates!

…imo 30 from Acid Spray / Manticore is better if you are going to be using a ‘green’ weapon as this allows you greater freedom of choice in what prefix / suffix you are aiming for! eg. Puncturing / Heart Piercing prefix would go well with your build (of Spines / of the Bull / of the Abyss / of the Slayer)

You don’t need Abyss suffix :stuck_out_tongue: . Use instead Essence of Ch’thon. % chance not so matter, because build have about 180% attack speed. So it’s quick anyway

And yea, most mobs die before. Just as planned. “of the wastes” - it’s mostly against bosses and heroes.

So, for example, Plaguebearer’s Claw of Alacrity will be a good choice too.

How many points did you place on Physique / Cunning?

Phy\Cun\Spi - 51\36\0 . But I recommend more on Physique - 56. Even 61, if you have better stats on gear (I mean offensive ability, first of all).

Dryad’s Blessing do not combine with ring of steel, so sad :undecided: . Pretty interesting variant, but it’s reduce DA and slightly less hp (only with 4% node in lion slightly more). And if you are some sort of slowpoke, just like me:p - turtle shield will be slightly better.

With other hand: Blade arc with clean sweap gives 100% chance Dryad’s Blessing proc and 50% reduction in bleeding duration really helping with the Iron Maiden.

As result, it will be something like this . Good alternative.

Just up for thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I see form the video where you fight with Iron Maiden there are 2-3 proc skills that heals you what ere they ?

Pneumatic burst from nightblade skill tree, can’t remember name but the proc effect on Aegis relic gives a good heal, his judicator rings give a smaller heal every 5 seconds, and he a lot o lifesteal

Do you guys think this dermapteran claw is any good?

No, you should be looking at Tyrant’s/Officer’s of Alacrity. Conversion to Aether and low attack speed rolls aren’t any good.

What skills do you assign in the devotions?