[] Complete Noob's Summoner Warlock - 11s Mad Queen, 8 min SoT, bla bla

[Summoner/Caster][v] (u) (g4) (l) (vid) Eliphas Levi, the Voidmancer Summoner

CLASS: Warlock.
Damage : Pets, Chaos, Vitality, Elemental.
Active Skills : Blood of Dreeg, Call of the Beast, Chaos Strike, Curse of Frailty, Doom Bolt, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification, Olexra’s Flash Freeze, Pet attack, Solael’s Flame, Sovereign, Summon Familiar, Summon Hellhound, Summon Revenant of Og’Napesh.
Passive Skills: Bonds of Bysmiel, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Fiendmaster, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange.
(1) The Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth got a huge elemental resistance buff => remove the points from the Raven’s Storm spirit and put them somewhere useful such as: a) Maiven sphere if you need more survivability or b) Infernal Breath if you want more AoE.
(2) Changes to Manifestation means the Black Scourge + Necro deathgrips summons will now proc more often.
(3) Remove the frozen heart from the ring and take a corpse dust instead. Also, you can now use an offensive pet buff augument on the ring instead of Mogdrogen’s Sanctity because the Kelphat’Zoth ring will roll with 30%+ elemental resistance.
(4) The raven is actually useful now besides providing support.
(5) “Pet aggro got reworked” - don’t believe the hype :wink:

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another guide made by yours truly, the green guardian of the Hidden Realm – Mr. Dreeg. This time around I won’t give you a build that abuses some obscenely powerful mechanic like Time Dilation :wink: nor a WPS „assassin” type character…nope I will give you a build for one of the most overlooked classes in this game – the Warlock. So, to cut to the chase, read forward if:

(i) You have fond memories of playing the Necromancer in Diablo 2;
(ii) You want to be able to farm 80% of the end game content reliably without dying (… 100% if you are willing to grind like a mad man);
(iii) You are very lazy…
(iv) You love animals and undead minions.
(v) You want a character that can clear an entire screen in 5 seconds and still be able to demolish a boss like the Mad Queen in less than 12s.

Because I suspect some of you may be impatient and want to know how the character performs against high level Ultimate threats I will provide the video section right away.

Nemeses and Bosses Compilation (includes Moosilauke, Benn’Jahr a.k.a. the Collosal Noob , Valdaran, the Mad Queen and some “fan favorites”) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS1Mnpix3xs

  2. Not in chronological order.

Complete Log Fight (first kill): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GfusW9oFDc

Full SoT Run in 8 mins : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIesO0U-qfA&feature=youtu.be


With the recent changes to Time Dilation, this character represents perhaps the most powerful warlock build you can make in terms of both damage output and easiness of play. In simple terms, this elemental / chaos summoner solves the main issues that plague the “traditional” conjurer pet build, namely:

  1. Aggro management – this is solved through OFF, Hungering Void and The Circlet of the Great Serpent proc (optional). IF you inevitably get aggro, however, you can always count on the good ol’ Mirror of Ereoctes to buy time until your pets taunt the target again (see video section).

  2. Active playstyle – you will not only cast debuffs, but actually deal damage through Elemental Storm, Eldritch Fire, Doom Bolt and Solael’s Flame.

  3. Inert items – usually, pet builds cannot make full use of the Necromancer’s Deathgrip summons nor the Black Scourge chaos mites because they do not generate enough damage from the player’s part. Due to the fact that your character will actually deal around 10-15% of the total damage output, you will always be surrounded by an army of undead and demonic abominations that will expand your damage spectrum considerably and lay waste to your enemies.

  4. No POKEBALLS – more on this later.


TOTAL: 22/25.

(1) LAZY MAN BUILD: This is a pet build…what do you expect? The only fights in which you will actually have to micromanage your pets are Moosilauke (due to his crystals), the Sentinel and Log.
(2) Huge single target damage output: With all buffs active your pets will deal a tremendous amount of damage. Generally speaking, enemies with a huge hitbox will get destroyed very, very fast.
(3) Huge AOE: Usually, by the time OFF expires the entire screen is either dead or under a status effect such as confusion or petrification. In fact, the warlock has not only the highest intrinsic fire and physical debuff potential in the entire game, but also an insane amount of CC. Logically, we use only “fire” pets as our permanent damage dealers.
(4) No energy problems: I think I used one single energy potion in over 5 days of playtime.
(5) Smooth progression: : You don’t have to respec your character… you invest in pets, then you get more pets and these pets get enormously powerful in the end – simple as that.
(6) High mobility:
(i) Chaos strike gets you into position (and applies the Viper debuff ofc);
(ii) Hungering Void gives you almost maximum movement speed and has only 2s downtime.
(iii) Conversion – ‘nuff said.
(7) A panic button: MIRROR.

(1) Fairly high gear requirements: If you want to obliterate the Mad Queen in 10-12s or less you will need to farm a bit and use the items I am using.
(2) Makes the game fairly trivial: Trash mobs do not pose a threat to you and even the bosses get destroyed pretty fast providing you understand how to manage aggro effectively (don’t worry…I will teach you).
(3) Leaves little room for error: Even with 6/10 capped resistances, a panic button and multiple sources of damage absorption, this character is not a tank. If you do not know how to manage aggro things will degenerate very quickly and the following scenarios will unfold with almost complete certainty:
a) You will run around in circles like a headless chicken;
b) You will die in 2-3 hits.

OBS: This character is capable of finishing HC Ultimate. However, DO NOT attempt a HC run unless you have extensive knowledge of the game.

Attachment: frt.png
Attachment: Grim Dawn - Warlock - Character Stats.png
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III. Character Progression and Skills

Physique: 70
Cunning: 0
Spirit: 20

Put one point into physique and one into spirit until you reach 20 spirit. Afterwards put points only into physique


  1. If you find yourself taking too much damage or you don’t have powerful defensive gear, put your points into physique first until you reach about 40.
  2. You will absolutely need 715 SPIRIT in order to use the Empowered Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh. Fortunately, you can manipulate the spirit stat directly through the inner focus skill from the Arcanist side. However, if you want to min/max your character you should be looking for a Bysmiel-Sect Leg piece with the following suffixes: “of the boar” or “or the eagle”. Prefix should be “resistant” or “stonehide” btw, depending on what you want to farm.


Start with Occultist and rush the Hellhound and Blood of Dreeg. At lvl. 10 take Arcanist and try to rush OFF. Use Searing Ember on your weapon and Enchanted Flint on your focus in the early game. Later on you can exchange the flint for Aether bolts and use aether tendrils. By the time you reach Warden Krieg you should have at least 6/12 in OFF and the Fiend devotion attached to your hellhound.

Put frozen hearts on your rings and ectoplasms starting with Act II. Also try to cover your elemental resistances (fire for bandits, cold for undead => invest in the retarded bird’s aura 3 points). DO NOT attempt SoT now…do it after you have finished the story.

Once you reach Act 3, try to put at least 4 points into Aspect of the Guardian before you engage Ravna and Gollus. Once you get Doom Bolt and the Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh reassign Call of the Shepard to Doom Bolt. Take a symbol of Solael and use the stormhound pet you get from the SAVAGE relic.
Before you advance to Elite do the Hidden Path Quest. Farm Bysmiel’s Guardian ad nauseam until you get a reasonable leg piece. More explicitly, aim for a “Resistant” prefix and +5% OA to your pets. Also farm cultists until you get a nice Bloodsworn ring (Taskmaster, Subjugator, of the Wild, Untamed, whatever…).

LEVEL 10: http://grimcalc.com/build/nS5iWD0
LEVEL 20: http://grimcalc.com/build/Ei4F5jb
LEVEL 30: http://grimcalc.com/build/Dq9NtJi
LEVEL 40: http://grimcalc.com/build/AzKCaXR
LEVEL 50: http://grimcalc.com/build/xrLqVQj
LEVEL 60: http://grimcalc.com/build/Iz7pKr9
LEVEL 70: http://grimcalc.com/build/JK19RfZ
LEVEL 80: http://grimcalc.com/build/lbKDu4F
LEVEL 85: http://grimcalc.com/build/puwbAUD
(+ all skills from Hidden Path)

III.2 Skills
Chaos Strike – use it as LMB.
Solael’s Flame – use it as RMB.
1st Skillbar :

Doom Bolt – always use it to snipe low HP mobs in order to trigger “on death” procs from your items. In fact, you should always use this skill because we have Call of the Shepard assigned to it.
Blood of Dreeg – a nice heal that gives a lot of OA, physical + psn resistance (through AotG), as well as acid damage to all of your pets. This should ALWAYS be on.
Pet Attack – I wonder what this does…hmmm…Seriously now, order your pets to attack in front of your target(s).
Curse of Frailty – Use this always after you have frozen the mobs with OFF. CoF generates a lot of aggro so do not use it unless you are certain that your pets have successfully taunted your target.
OFF – Debuff + CC in a single skill. Also, don’t forget to put 2 points into Absolute Zero.
Mirror of Ereoctes – panic button.
Sovereign – massively powerful boost to your pets. Too bad you need a specific legendary for it.
Call of the Beast – idem.
Nullification – insane skill that destroys auras. Also acts as a damage sponge before you stack elemental resistances for your pets. If you have bad gear, invest in this skill in order to farm dungeons like SoT / BoC reliably.

2nd Skillbar
Here there will be only passive auras that you activate once per session, potions and pets.
Iskandra’s elemental exchange – this aura is essential for this build to work;
Maiven’s Sphere – 10% damage absorption for just 3 points. Leave it at that;
Bonds of Bysmiel – HP% boost + Total speed for your pets. Leave it at 1/12, but max Manipulation.
Summon Hellhound – a.k.a. fox-like fiery animal that is supposed to be a dog. Roles: (1) Tank; (2) AoE; (3) DPS; (4) Support. This is the most important pet you have because he is a master of aggro and deals high fire damage. He has very high attack speed, a taunt and a powerful burst ability that synergizes perfectly with OFF. Before you are able to stack attack speed for your pets, you should invest in Infernal Breath because it generates a high number of ticks. This is the secret to handling aggro and avoiding drawing the mobs to you: maximize the amount of damage ticks the pets do and minimize yours.
Summon Revenant of Og’Napesh – a.k.a. self-immolation victim brought back to life by the vile forces of necromancy. Roles: (1) Burst damage; (2) Support; (3) AoE.
Summon Familiar – a.k.a. retarded bird. Roles: (1) Support; (2) Burst damage; (3) CC.


  1. Spirit (from the Necromancer’s Deathgrips legendary item) a.k.a. extras from the “Ghostbusters” set. Roles: (1) Burst damage; (2) Distraction;
  2. Black Scourge (from the…Black Scourge legendary item) a.k.a. ugly chaos mites. Roles (1) Burst damage; (2) Distraction.
  3. Swarmlings (from Primal Instinct) a.k.a. fire ants. Roles (1) DPS; (2) Distraction; (3) Trash clearing; (4) CC (with Circlet of the Great Serpent). These guys are insane for this build. If there is one particular item that this build cannot work without that would be Primal Instinct.


Head: Beastcaller’s Cowl – (15 cold resistance). (Sanctified Bone);
Amulet: Sovereign Ruby of Domination – (+10% crit damage, +3%OA, +5AS to pets). (Wardstone);
Ring 1: Subjugator’s Bloodsworn Signet of the Wild – (Mogdrogen’s Sanctity: 12 Elemental resistance, + 180 hp). (Frozen heart);
Ring 2: Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth - (+10% crit damage, +3%OA, +5%AS to pets). (Ectoplasm);
Weapon 1: Black Scourge – (+3%OA, +6%AS to pets) (Rift stone);
Weapon 2: Empowered Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh. – (+15% All damage, +5% HP, +3% DA to pets). (Symbol of Solael);
Shoulders: Fiendflesh Mantle. (7 aether/ 7 chaos) (Silk Swatch);
Hands: Necromancer’s Deathgrips. – (7 aether/ 7 chaos). (Unholy inscription);
Feet: Golemborn Greaves. – (10 pierce). (Mark of Mogdrogen);
Medal: Beastcaller’s Talisman. (Black Tallow);
Belt: Voidmancer’s Cord. (7 aether/ 7 chaos). (Antivenom salve);
Relic: Primal Instinct.
Legs: Resistant Bysmiel-Sect Legguards of the Boar. – (7 aether/ 7 chaos). (Silk Swatch);
Chest: Fiendmaster’s Rainment. – (7 aether/ 7 chaos). (Bindings of Bysmiel).

Special gear for special occasions:

Head: Circle of the Great Serpent – (15 cold). (Sanctified Bone);

  • use this for the Log fight and/or when dealing with mini-bosses such as the Aether Hulk (i.e. Plains of Strife).

Chest Beastcaller’s Shroud – (7 aether / 7 chaos). (Bindings of Bysmiel).

  • use this if you think your pets cannot tank elemental damage bosses such as Ultimate Alkamos / Shar’Zul.

Gear while LEVELING – Ideal (not what you will actually have).

() LVL 35 : Equip Savage as your relic and keep it until lvl 70. The storm hound is very powerful especially if you get the Voidmancer’s cord at lvl 50. Make sure you are honoured with the Rovers because the Chest and Shoulders they sell are BiS until late elite. Also try to farm a Symbol of Solael for your focus. Side with the Order of Death’s Vigil and stay with them ‘till Ultimate.
)LVL range 40-45: Obtain The Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh . Good places to farm this item are: (i) the Blood Grove, (ii) Tyrant’s Hold, (iii) Rotten Croplands, (iv) Darkvale Gate. Try to grind for the Black Legion because their Conjuration Seal is very good. Farm the Guardian of Bysmiel until you get a nice pair of “resistant” legguards that give +4-5% OA to your pets.
() LVL range 50-60: Use Ancestor if you still haven’t found the Savage relic yet. Black Scourge should be obtained at this point. Also, make sure you get a nice Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth as your ring.
)LVL range 60-70: Use the Beastcaller’s Shoulderpads if you can obtain them. If NOT… use the Spaulders of Mogdrogen . Grind for the Rovers in order to upgrade your gear (chest especially and those nice auguments).
() LVL range 70-80: Take Primal Instinct as your primary relic. Farm for a LVL 70 Bysmiel-Sect Legguards.
) LVL range 80-85: Fine-tune the build and obtain the last LVL75+ legendary items I am using. Also farm an OP Subjugator’s Bloodsworn Signet. Destroy nemeses and have fun…


Crossroads Chaos
Fiend – assign to Hellhound
Crossroads Ascendant
Shepherd’s Crook – assign to Doom Bolt
Crossroads Primordial
Crossroads Eldritch
Behemoth – assign to Bonds of Bysmiel

SUBSTRACT crossroads Eldritch

Rhowan’s Crown (all except the last node) – assign to Curse of Frailty
Solael’s Witchblade – assign to Solael’s Flame
Crossroads Order
Sailor’s Guide

SUBSTRACT crossroads Primordial

Dying God – assign to Chaos Strike
Bysmiel’s Bonds - First node


  1. Make sure that after you get the Viper constellation you put a rift stone on your weapon;
  2. Put a Symbol of Solael on your focus as soon as you can.
  3. Using Doom Bolt to trigger Shepherd’s Call is ideal once you get enough cooldown reduction. Before this point you can use an Aether tendril to trigger it or the fireblast from searing ember.
  4. You can clearly also substract the Order HP node (5%) for another node in the Bysmiel constellation if you want even more damage.

VI. Boss Challenge

Benn’Jahr, The Colossal Noob – 1/10 = The easiest nemesis. Truth be told… he is highly resistant to chaos damage but in the worst case scenario killing him will take you max 30 seconds.
Statistics: 20-30s (depends on how many pet buffs you want to use).

Valdaran, The Storm Scourge – 2/10 = Another easy nemesis. Even though he is highly resistant to lightning and roughly 40% of your damage output is lightning, he has low DA. Let your pets tank him and gather aggro as they can easily do so. Use CoF only to speed up the process and ALWAYS drink a stormshroud potion in order to minimize the risks. Remember that if you get stunned and teleported, you should use mirror immediately.
Statistics: 19-22s (depends on RNG)

Fabius, ”The Unseen” Gonzar – n/a = DO NOT engage him unless you have high bleed resistance (i.e. >70). Since I haven’t yet found a satisfying Bysmiel-Sect Legwraps to cover that resistance, I avoid Fabius. Anyway, if you really want to try him I suggest you reassign some points and get DEE with Focused Gaze just in case.

Moosilauke, the Chillwind – 3/10 = First phase is trivial so save Sovereign and Call of the Beast for the second one. Moosilauke is not a hard boss, he is just annoying due to his freeze. The best tip here is to micromanage your pets in order to destroy his crystals and/or lure him into a narrow tunnel. Also, DO NOT try to apply viper without having your mirror ready. Drink a frostshroud…
Statistics: 40-60s (depends on surroundings)


Alkamos, the Lord Executioner – 3/10 = this guy is very easy if you manage to get your pets to at least 60% cold resistance. Generally speaking, he cannot burst you down because you have mirror. However, if you want to destroy him with no stress I suggest you use the Beascaller chest piece + Helm and have at least 6/12 in the Raven’s aura. Another option is to put nullification at 4 if you don’t have good gear and respec later. Also, drink a frostshroud potion before the fight.
Statistics: 5-10s (depends on how many swarmlings you’ve got from the room before).

Mad Queen – 2/10 = another easy prey for your pets. Send your hellhound first and let him tank a bit and gather aggro. Always use Call of the Beast in order to reliably do this (!!!). Apply nullification as soon as you see the Mad Queen turn red. Afterwards just apply debuffs + chaos strike and watch her melt.
Statistics: 10-15s (depends on RNG)

Log – 3/10 = Log is generally considered very hard for pet builds due to his ability to confuse your pets and spawn lots of ads. This build, however, manages Ultimate Log more than honourably (see video section) if you take your time and farm before you kill him for the last time and finish the game. To destroy him reliably I suggest you use the Circlet of the Great Serpent in order to stun-lock the star champions he spawns occasionally. For the rest of the ads, OFF is your best friend as it buys you enough time for your pets to recover.
Statistics: 40-60s (depends on RNG)

The Sentinel – 2/10 (Veteran + Elite) 6/10 (Ultimate) = the hardest boss for this build on Ultimate difficulty. He is basically Log on steroids! My advice to you is to skip the Hidden Path quest on veteran and finish it on both difficulties when you are in late Elite and you have powerful gear equipped. The Sentinel is your natural enemy due to his ability to turn your pets against you. Remember to drink lots of potions before you engage this guy (i.e. Royal Jelly Salve, Essence, bla bla). Also, expect a lot of running around and screaming like a little girl.
OBS: : If you play HC I advice you to skip the Sentinel in Ultimate difficulty.


Q1: You promised pokeballs… where are the pokeballs, you fraud ?
A: False advertising. Get over it, kid !

Q2: Can this build work for pyromancers ?
A: I highly doubt it. Furthermore, BWC generates an enormous amount of aggro defeating the very purpose of a pet build in which the basic idea is for your pets to tank, not you.

Q3: Why should I play this instead of a conjurer?
A1: You have no aggro problems with trash mobs. They will simply get evaporated by OFF and your “fiery” pets.

A2: Higher damage potential due to:
a) the manner in which the Voidmancer cord interacts with the physical to elemental conversion of Manifestation and the Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth.
b) more evil minions by your side.
c) less downtime.

A3: Easier to gear while levelling.

A4: Versatility – you have:
a) A panic button (mirror) that is available to you from early on when you don’t have strong defensive gear.
b) More EHP, due to the good ol’ Maiven Sphere.
c) Nullification – not only does this one-point wonder skill destroy pesky auras such as “regeneration” or “reflect”, but it also allows your pets to tank better before you have good gear (providing ofc your enemy does elemental damage).

A5: No inert features on items – i.e. the procs from the Black Scourge and the Necromancer Deathgrips will actually proc.

A6: Roleplaying reasons – you want to play an evil summoner.

Q4: What happens if you pair this elemental/chaos summoner with the traditional pet conjurer in a multiplayer game?
A: You will destroy all game content very fast because you will have full damage spectrum, all possible pets and all possible pet buffs.

Q5: What is the highest crit you saw from a pet ?
A: 46k from the Revenant of Og’Napesh.

Any advantages compared to the Conjurer variant? This always was a cornerstone question on summoner Warlock to me.

Sorry, I missied this in FAQ, still would like more details.

Have not played any summoner builds. I was thinking of making a fire damage pyromancer pet build. I love the dog.

This looks very exciting. Haven’t read everything yet so I don’t know how your pets kill so fast…That queen…It’s almost ironic that she dropped that legendary, almost in recognition of your build:). Very cool stuff.

EDIT: Just read your FaQ. Aggro was always a question for me regarding pet builds. I always found it silly that you would have to run around a boss that is chasing you while your pts chomb at his behind. This build seems to have an elegant solution. Links to equipment seem broken btw.

The equipment links seem to be broken.

  1. Faster trash clearing by far - you can stack -150% fire for example on a large area.

  2. A conjurer will NOT take the voidmancer cord because it does nothing with it. The bird is useless as a damage dealer and the Stormhound is just a temporary pet. Manifestation transforms 30% physical damage in elemental - which means that if RNG is with you…you can obliterate bosses very very fast if you stack attack speed.

  3. Aggro management - conjurers will usually take grasping vines or devouring swarm. These skills - just like BWC and CoF - generate aggro faster than the pets can taunt the enemy. OFF solves this against trash. Also, conjurers do not have enough points to invest in infernal breath for the hellhound. That skill however is a massive aggro generator because it “ticks” through burn and frequency of ticks is even more powerful than “taunt”.

  4. Nullification - decreases your cronley runs by 20s on average :)) AND allows your pets to tank before you get +%elemental resistance gear for them.

Will solve it after I get home. Promised !

The Mad Queen is a one-trick pony kind of boss. Her greatest power is her retaliation aura that deals percentage HP damage through a shotgun projectile effect. One of the reasons why my Doom Bolt-Shotgun build and jajaja’s saboteur could destroy her in 6-10 seconds in was due to the fact that those character had almost 100% dodge chance.

In reality, the pets would get destroyed pretty fast due to the her aura and this is where the arcanist shines. Nullification = NO aura. This allows the swarmlings + all other pets to obliterate her before her second heal + retaliation. :wink:

Yes I’ve recently noticed that the queen’s aura can be nullified which is a good thing. Someone on the forum once said that it can’t be. glad it proved to be wrong. She does have a low cooldown on that aura though and godd timing between nullification and mirror is needed if you have a melee toon. I think your pets kill her before she gets a second aura

100% dodge. How?! I mean i know nightblade has at least 20% from shadow dance. Are you taking fumble from circle of slaughter into account?

Nice alternative pet build! There aren’t too many pet build nowadays.

Full pet Conjurer build doesn’t have problems about pet survivability. They have mogdrogen’s aura to increase +40% their HP and Dreeg’s Blood gives them part of the health points back in a few seconds. Primal Bond also gives them more hp (+28% at level 19)

In addition, the Primal Spirit deals massive damage (20 seconds alive and 12,8 seconds in cooldown). Briathorn raises damage too.

Greetings and thanks for the build!

For the Doom Bolt build that is now dead it was the Harbinger set proc. For jajaja’s exceptional saboteur it was Shadow Dance + Blast Shield. The Mad Queen kills you through projectiles after all…

I wasn’t talking about the end-game build where the HP provided from the shaman’s side is enormous and you have BiS gear. I was talking about that point in early-mid elite where you need elemental resistances for your pets in order to tank Alkamos but the RNG gods hate you and you are still stuck with that Rover gear from 30 levels ago :).

Anyway, I made this build because:
a) I saw there are no new and powerful Warlock builds in the compendium (actually there is only one and Warlocks are kind of weak);
b) I love pets (including the conjurer which I played for 4-5 days straight).

P.S: Primal Spirit is a monster btw !

Awesome, really ! Thanks for sharing this.
Now I really need to get a hand on a voidmancer belt :slight_smile:

Unless I missed it somewhere, the gear list only shows 1 ring? What is the 2nd ring?

edit: Nevermind, I didn’t read far enough.

(*) LVL range 80-85: Fine-tune the build and obtain the last LVL75+ legendary items I am using. Also farm an OP Subjugator’s Bloodsworn Signet. Destroy nemeses and have fun…

Just logged in to say thanks @Avatar! I’m really enjoying this build. I played with a summoner before but I abandonned him to prove this warlock and wo… really better. More dinamic, awesome AOE kills, pets do their job but you do a lot of damage too, which I miss like summoner…

Anyway, thanks for your guide!

Typing edit - ring 2 is not displayed.

Nice guide otherwise.

Thanks for this build. Really appreciate how well laid out it is and the step by step guide on how you should progress. I’m only level 38 right now but the build is solid and can handle a lot. My only sore spot right now is getting the savage relic. Just looked up what was required to make one and oy… that’s going to take some effort! (especially as this is my highest level character)

BTW: despite your recommendation to not do SoT until the end of the story, I still did it because I had no idea what it was until after I had finished it lol. Everything was 4-5 levels higher than me and I made it through without dying. The last boss was a major pita though!

That relic will get you all the way to Ultimate when you will exchange it for Primal Instinct…so I think it is worth the trouble.

Anyway, if you don’t have respected status yet with the Rovers do some Arkovian Undercity runs as undead are weak to fire. This will allow you to take those nice pet items the Rovers sell. Then you should go in the Pine Barrens to farm some Manticore Eyes. You will average around 1/run. For more single target damage you can put some more points into Doom Bolt and respec later.

P.S.: Good thing I haven’t made a build revolving around a Shattered Souls Pestilence of Dreeg amulet… :smiley:

I got the shoulders and chest from the Rovers already so I’m good to go there!