[] Chaos Warlock (Need help!)

No fancy title cause this isn’t necessarily a build thread, more about asking for help on it and how to improve it. I only have about a hundred and eighty hours on the game so far and bought it last year, so as you can tell already I have absolutely no clue on what I am doing–still, even. I have restarted many (more specifically this) character many times all before level thirty to forty usually, to try and find what I like best. So far I can really only enjoy playing Occultist, and so I’ve only really been playing Occultist; some pure; some hybrids; nothing more. But this is the first character I have actually been able to enjoy playing up to and past level sixty, which surprisingly, she is at seventy-four now on ultimate as you will see in a moment with a screenshot. Now I have gotten by with found gear, no legendaries, mostly just magics, then rares and epics as I hit higher and higher–as well as a build using the abilities that I personally like using, however on ultimate I am starting to die just a tiny bit more, as in to the point where I am actually dying.

I’ve only died just under ten times on normal and that was from not watching what I was doing (and reflective…) and under six or so times on elite. However I am already creeping up and past six now and I haven’t even killed warden krieg yet (I have an issue where I have to unfog the entire map otherwise I get triggered, that and I’m taking it slow right now anyway) So now I am at a point where I figured “Hey, why not just ask the forum on Grim Dawn for help?” So I am. You get an imgur link to an album of relevant screenshots, cause I can’t be bothered to size them down: https://imgur.com/a/hxKEP

I have no clue on what I should be getting for as per items–if I should look towards a legendary set, etc. All I’ve been going off of is “Does it give me MORE chaos damage? Yes? Good” And of course I went for lower damage in some parts in exchange for better resistances, which has helped quite a bit, but still struggling to get resistances on Aether/Bleed/Vitality. I will be dropping the anti-venom salves here soon as I get seventy+ percent poison/acid resistance from aspect of the guardian, so I don’t need to bother getting anything to boost that and would allow me to focus on other resistances/other things.

Oh and additionally here is the fully planned out grimcalc: https://grimcalc.com/build/1006-cYRVFl

A few things to explain beforehand: In regards to the heavy allocations to Bloody Pox tree, I find it one of the best abilities in Occultist’s arsenal in general even without any additional buffs; and I say this while playing in ultimate for the first time; and it’s been one of the abilities that I put in every iteration of this character. Also the one point in the black death is strictly for the confusion, no more since the chance to confuse doesn’t go up with levels, so no point.

No dreeg eye, because I’m not poison obviously. Also to get three out in one paragraph, I don’t run curse of frailty anymore due to the fact that it lost its usefulness late game–strictly in my opinion, you can disagree and tell me its important later on if you really want too. And finally, the sigil is literally only for a devotion skill and attack damage to health. Solael’s Witchfire and its other stuff in the tree is all self-explanatory, I shouldn’t have to explain anything here. Doom Bolt for my heavy hitting spell, as well as possession for chaos damage and resistance.

Now here is a brief paragraph for Arcanist. Inner Focus is utilized so I don’t have to point many points into spirit, since with level fifty and level forty Occultist/Arcanist, I will get a lot of spirit already. Mirror is a one point wonder in my opinion, since the peak is already hit at level one (one hundred percent damage absorption) plus duration doesn’t change with levels. Sphere is just for that tiny bit of extra protection, and cause I didn’t know where else I could put remaining points. Mental Alacrity… is actually still debatable, I haven’t had the chance to really use it yet, so I am hoping it will affect Occultist skills too for the cost reduction. Otherwise Fabric of Reality is strictly for chaos damage.

Now lastly onto the devotions. I have absolutely no clue what I am doing here, feel free to tell me everything is bad. I just went with what looked and sounded cool/the best options for what I was going for. I also have eight points left that I have no clue what to put into anyway.

Last minute edit, I forgot to also mention I still have no clue what I am doing with components and augments.

TL;DR hlp me improv me build pls.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that your resistances are bad, really bad.
You also have little health; you can easily get one-shotted by quite a few hard hitters.
Corruption in your current state isn’t the best idea since on every 5th hit, your terrible resistances are going to be lowered even further.
Forget about more chaos damage. You should have approximately 800% of your primary damage type already anyway, so another 20% won’t do a lot for you. You should rather try to get your resistances up. By a lot.
Raise (grind…) reputation with all factions. They have a couple of nice augments that will help you improve your resistances.

I do have little health, but you’re forgetting that I am a dual-caster hybrid class–both of which get very little physique. There isn’t much I can do about the health thing without resorting to gear, but I have enough life leech in general between sigil, scythe of tenebris, as well as enough healing between blood of dreeg and potions, with the occasional invincibility from mirror, to stay alive. Also just a reminder, corruption’s effect applies to enemies… Not myself, and it applies to them when they hit me; furthermore elemental resistances applies to only Fire/Cold/Lightning, and I think one more?

The only factions I need to get to revered right now is: Black Legion, Order of Death’s Vigil, and Devil’s Crossing, but that one is almost done, just need another thousand or two.

Giving a quick bump, still need help friends.