[] Dual Wield Cadence Warder - Facetank Ultimate Mad Queen and Fabius without Healing Potions

~ Dual Wielding Beronath Oleron’s Warborn ~

UPDATE v1.0.1.0

Despite physical damage become hot lately, physical damage is still nice and it remains a perfectly viable damage type

Grim Dawn Version are bringing many quality of life changes.

Legendary - Beronath, Reforged: Conversion to Elemenal removed. Skill proc redesigned. Now a granted toggled buff with a high energy upkeep that grants 5% Crit damage and 100% of Elemental dealt as Physical.

It’s really a nice idea from Dev, and we still have options for using it as Elemental weapon by untoggled the buff granted skill.

With this change of Beronath, it open up more ideas for builds and gives us more support for physical builds.
All masteries, Devotion skills, and items skills with Elemental damage can be turned into physical build / physical support

In this Warder build, Storm Totem from Shaman will be Physical Storm Totem that give Physical - Internal Trauma damage. It’s nice addition for our damage

With same concept, we can make other masteries with Elemental, paired with Soldier to make nice Physical build : Demolitionist (Commando), Arcanist (Battlemage), Occultist (Witchblade), Nightblade (Blademaster) (All masteries has it’s own elemental one ^^)

Even non Soldier builds are also viable as Physical Builds :
Trickster, Saboteur
May be I shall make a separated threads for it, since it has different gears and devotion setups also brings new change to Mindwarp, you can check it here and here

DW Physical Warder - Beronath Oleron’s Warborn


Videos :

AoE Damage :

  • Maul bound to Oleron’s Might
  • Blind Fury bound to Cadence
  • Zolhan’s Technique
  • War Cry
  • Blitz - Blindside
  • Counter Strike
  • Cadence - Fighting Form
  • Physical Storm Totem


[] Dual Wield Cadence Warder

For Witchblade version of this build, please check here :

Is it possible to build dual wield melee char without Dual Blades or Breath of Belgothian from Nightblade’s skill tree?
Yes there are many possibility combinations, and this Dual Wield Cadence Warder build is one of them.

How can we make our non Nightblade char wielding two melee weapons?
Warder doesn’t have PB modifier or DB skill tree, so we can use other options :

In this build, we use Direwolf Crest

Pros :

  • Can facetank Ultimate Fabius and Mad Queen without using Tonic of Mending or any healing potions
  • Unique Dual Wield Warder pretty fun to play
  • Fast hit (198% attack speed)
  • Fast move (133% run speed), can use Blitz for mobility
  • Life stealing killer machine with damage reduction skills for more survivability

Cons :

  • High level gear requirement (All Legendary)
  • not tested on Avatar of Mogdrogen and Captain John Bourbon
  • not tested on Crucible (i don’t have Crucible DLC)
  • Resistances not over cap

NEW Videos (UPDATE) :
Ultimate Fabius :

Ultimate Mad Queen :

Videos Bosses and Nemesis (Warning - SPOILERS) :

  • All of videos below made with this old setting http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-F6nGQP

  • I have updated the build using Oleron’s Rage instead of Primal Bond (Credit to jimboslice for his advice and noticing me that Menhir’s Will can’t be used on dual wield setting)

  • Thanks to GeneralCash about Haunted Steel weapon order and Fighting Spirit (in the updated build, I spare the points from Fighting Spirit to other skills)

  • Primal Bond is not bad, it gives us Damage Absorption, Less Damage from Beasts and boost our Physical Damage.
    All videos listed below using Primal Bond as Exclusive Skill. I switch to Oleron’s Rage due to it’s OA and Speed boost with only 1 point investment, so I have spare points for other skills
    If you want make Primal Bond version, here’s the Updated Grimcalc (Base + Devotion) :

Ultimate Mad Queen :

Ultimate The Amalgamation :

Ultimate Herald of The Flame :

Ultimate Anasteria :

Ultimate Loghorrean :

Ultimate Bane’Gargoth :

Ultimate Shar’Zul :

Ultimate Chamber of Souls / Death Room :

Ultimate Alkamos :

Ultimate Herald of Destruction :

Ultimate Grand Priest Zarthuzellan + Chamber of Souls/Death Room :

Ultimate Fabius :
(You can use the 2nd vid route for farming Fabius)

Ultimate Zantarin :

Ultimate Valdaran :

Ultimate Benn’Jhar :

Ultimate Moosilauke :

Gear :
Head – Warborn Visor - Prismatic Diamond - Mankind’s Vigil
Chest – Warborn Chestguard - Chains of Oleron - Mankind’s Vigil
Shoulders – Warborn Pauldrons - Antivenom Salve - Mankind’s Vigil
Mainhand – Reaver’s Claw - Haunted Steel - Oleron’s Fervor
Offhand – Reaver’s Claw - Oleron’s Blood - Oleron’s Fervor
Ring 1 – Ring of the Black Matriarch - Corpse Dust or Roiling Blood - Consecrated Silver
Ring 2 – Lifegiver Signet - Corpse Dust or Roiling Blood - Consecrated Silver
Hands – Grasp of Unchained Might - Consecrated Wrappings - Mankind’s Vigil
Legs – Chaussess of Barbaros - Antivenom Salve - Mankind’s Vigil
Legs Substitude – Hellforge Legplates - Antivenom Salve - Mankind’s Vigil
Belt – Reforged Chains of Oleron - Antivenom Salve - Mogdrogen’s Touch
Feet – Earthshatter Threads - Mark of the Traveler or Mark of Mogdrogen - Mankind’s Vigil
Amulet – The Peerless Eye of Beronath - Dread Skull - Blessed Ashes
Medal – Direwolf Crest - Dread Skull
Relic – Oleron’s Wrath

With full geared, we get All Skills +1, Soldier Skills +5, Life Steal 7% - 15%, Attack Speed 198% and Run Speed 133% (All AS and RS will be maxed when Battlecry active)


  • I have updated the build using Oleron’s Rage (Credit to jimboslice for his advice about 1 point investment and letting me know that Menhir’s Will can’t be used on dual wield setting)
  • We still can use Primal Bond as our Exclusive Skill, check “Additional Tips” section below for more info
  • Thanks to GeneralCash about haunted steel weapon order and Fighting Spirit (I spare the points from Fighting Spirit to other skills, since DA reduction from Blindside is good enough, and current OA is high due to Oleron’s Rage)
  • I also make a little update to Devotion, it has more Health now

Grim Calc (Base + Devotion) - UPDATED :

Soldier Tree :

Shaman Tree :

Devotion :

  • 1 point Crossroads Ascendant (purple)

  • 1 point Crossroads Order (yellow)

  • Tortoise

  • Assassin’s Blade

  • Bull

  • Dryad

  • Scales of Ulcama (not full complete)

  • Sailor’s Guide

  • Eel

  • Solemn Watcher

  • Hammer

  • Dire Bear

  • Take all points from Hammer

  • Take point from Crossroads Order (yellow)

  • Tree of Life

  • Assassin’s Mark Bound To: Cadence

  • Turtle Shell Bound To: Oleron’s Rage

  • Bull Rush Bound To: Markovian’s Advantage

  • Dryad’s Blessing Bound To: Zolhan’s Technique

  • Tip the Scales Bound To: Mogdrogen’s Pact

  • Maul Bound To: Blitz

  • Healing Rain Bound To: Field Command

Attributes :
Physique - 51
Cunning - 25
Spirit - 14

Battle Rotation :
Blitz - War Cry - Oleron’S Might - Ground Smash - Gaze of Beronath (Use Bloodthirster if needed)
Keep LMB with Cadence and use skills above when active

If you’re lazy to press so many buttons when running into easy mobs, you can use :
Blitz - War Cry - Hold LMB - Blitz

Additional Tips :

  • We can facetank Ultimate Mad Queen w/o using Tonic of Mending (Just keep hitting her)

  • need switch boot to Wyrmscale Footguards when fighting Valdaran

  • need switch legs to Hellforge Legplates when fighting Shar’Zul (switch boot to Wyrmscale Footguards is also welcome)

  • War Cry, Oleron’s Might, Ground Smash, Gaze of Beronath are your active defensive skills, please don’t hesitate to use them whenever ready
    (Bloodthirster also provide ADctH / Lifesteal, you can use it when needed)
    — War Cry : Taunt target, 25% Reduced target’s Damage for 5 Seconds, 16 Meter Radius (12/12)
    — Break Morale : Disrupt target’s skills for 8.5 Seconds (22/12)
    — Oleron’s Might : 20% Reduced target’s Damage for 5 Seconds
    — Ground Smash : 25% Slow target for 3 Seconds
    — Gaze of Beronath : 20% Chance of Petrify target for 1 second, -100 Offensive Ability
    — Bloodthirster : 30% of Attack Damage converted to Health (ADctH), 20% Bleeding Resistance, 8 Seconds Duration

  • LMB with Cadence as default weapon attack also provides passive defensive skills, since it can procs Zolhan’s Technique
    — Zolhan’s Technique : 28% Slower Enemy Attack for 6.8 Seconds, 23% Chance to be Used (7/12) (Attack Speed is 198%, and 200% when Battlecry active)

  • Oleron’s Rage (only 1 point investment make it 12/12) : 12% Offensive Ability, 12% Movement Speed
    Pros : More OA, more Run Speed, 1 point investment
    Cons : No Damage Absorption, no Physical Damage boost
    Grimcalc (Base + Devotion) :
    You don’t have to take all Shaman Tree 50/50 if you want

  • Primal Bond : 15% Damage Absorption, 18% Less Damage From Beasts, +50% Constitution, +108% Physical Damage (12/12) (I used Primal Bond in my first build)
    Pros : Give Damage Absorption, boost Physical Damage, Less Damage From Beast
    Cons : Lower Run Speed, Lower OA
    Grimcalc (Base + Devotion) :

I suggest you take Primal Bond path if you want to make/switch to Bleeding Warder build later. Primal Bond is suitable for Bleeding Warder and we save more skill points, since we don’t take all 50/50 Soldier Tree.
For Bleeding Warder build, please check here

You may change/swap to Lightning Warder with Stormcaller’s Pact, if you have the gears (Ultos Set with Crystallum is nice for Dual Wield Lightning Warder), here’s an example

A few ideas of dual wield build w/o using Nightblade :

Not 100% about this, but isn’t your right hand weapon considered “main hand weapon”? Or does the order in which you equip them determine it? Because you should really put the sword with the Haunted steel as your main hand weapon, a lot of procs only use main hand, it would improve your lifesteal.

Also, I’m curious about your reasons for choosing this weapon setup, i would think there are much better options out there (the warborn weapon for one, a Tyrant’s green weapon etc.). Swords are pretty bad because the conversion to piercing is awkward.

Oh, and get Fighting Form to 12/12, you have points to spare. So many, in fact, that I would definitely get 12/12 Wendigo totem and even consider getting Devouring Swarm tor bleeding resistance reduction.

Yes, you’re right about weapon order, it should has Haunted Steel Sword’s as main hand weapon like this :

Thanks for correcting it :slight_smile:

For the weapon, why I use Reaver’s Claw, because it’s attack speed, ring of steel proc, and +1 to Soldier skills (Total we get +6 boosting Soldier Skills and 197% Attack Speed).

When using warbon gavel, the attack speed only 169% and there’s no +1 to Soldier Skills

For Fighting Spirit, why I maxed it out, because it’s all damage and high OA boost (chance of activate is also high)

Combine with maxed Markovian’s Advantage (increase all damage, reduce DA), Blindside (reduce DA), they will reduce target’s DA, so chance to crit will increase (also increasing chance of Ring of Steel procs). Sadly, Markovian’s Advantage and Blindside don’t stack

I don’t use Wendigo Totem, 'cause I think current Life steal is enough, and it feels too much active skills.
This build is using Physical as main damage’s type.
That’s why I don’t picking Wendigo Totem and Devouring Swarm.

We should use Bloodrager’s set instead if we want make Bleeding Warder Build :slight_smile:

Glad to see other people are playing around with that medal on a Warder. :cool:

I’ve been messing with a Blade Arc build, trying to fit enough Mana regen onto my kit to make it doable.

Blade Arc chews through a non-caster’s mana like it was grape gum’s flavor.


Savagery is my next attempt to be made.

Because the world of Grim Dawn sorely lacks for Lit Builds.

It looks like you become a best friend with Greeny Ectoplasm and Elixir of Spirit :smiley:

Savagery is my next attempt to be made.

Because the world of Grim Dawn sorely lacks for Lit Builds.

Yup, Savagery is nice one :wink:

Menhir’s will is wasted points… it only procs with 2h melee weapon or shield

Yes, you’re right !
I didn’t notice it

Thanks so much for noticing this :slight_smile:

Hmm… just my personal opinion, but I think you have a lot of wasted points. I don’t see the point of capping out veterancy (1 pt wonder), overcapping field command (12/12 is fine), and overcapping markovian’s advantage (1 pt wonder).

With +6 to soldier, you can use that to your advantage in maximizing the 1 pt wonder skills and actually cap out or overcap the really strong soldier skills.

You said you’re a physical build, but you don’t cap out break morale? Also, like you said, markovian’s advantage and blindside’s DA reduction don’t stack, but markovian’s advantage rarely procs from a cadence build. It has a 25% chance to proc on 2/3 of your attacks (3rd hit being cadence overrides any WPS). So instead, you can use all those points you have and max out blitz and blindside (which procs DA lowering on every hit to 8 enemies).

Also, I personally would max out soldier mastery and take oleron’s rage. With your +6 to soldier, +3 to oleron’s rage (from chausses of barbaros), and +2 to oleron’s rage (from unchained grasp of might), 1 single point nets you 12/12 oleron’s rage. That gives you lots of relevant dmg, +12% OA, and 12% movespeed (capping out your movespeed). You can take out points from primal bond and use that in soldier tree.

Also, I don’t see any reason to cap out oak skin. You can also use those points to fill out soldier tree, or get wendigo totem.

Just my 2 cents.

Thank you, I’ll try your suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks to jimboslice and GeneralCash for their advice :wink:

I have updated the build (new videos available)
Devotion and skills are updated.
It has more Health and OA now. Damage is also increased from maxed Blitz
and high chance to crit, Ring of Steel procs more

Nice guide.

Very nice build. But more interesting Dual Wield Bleeding Warder
Would you post a miniguide? at least grimcalc and augments

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not fix yet, currently I’m not testing with it
Still farming for Bloodrager’s Cowl blueprint on nemesis

Perhaps you wanna try to make Gutripper Gunblade Bleeding Warder :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out which devotions and skills to use for dual wield bleeding warder since I have the whole set. Any help?

How u choose the dire bear constelation???

So if you have replaced Oleron’s Rage instead of Primal Bond what the point on finishing shaman skill bar?

You may try this one (base + devo) :


I didn’t take all savagery 16/16 since it may maxed from gear’s bonus. It depend on the gear. If you have complete Bloodrager’s set, you’ll get a lot + to Savagery skill. Just make sure it maxed (you may take skill point out from Veterancy)

Gameplay sample :


It still has hard times when meet fabius / mad queen

Actually I have more than 1 Warder.

Primal Bond go on my first Warder. I didn’t apply jimboslice’s advice to take Oleron’s Rage on that char, since I use it for Bleeding Warder testing purpose.

With my other Warder (Soldier 50/50 and Shaman 50/50), I try jimboslice’s suggestion to take Oleron’s Rage with only 1 point investment.

When you choose the Oleron’s Rage, you may take Shaman tree mastery 40/50 or less. But later, once you want to switch to Savagery Bleeding Warder with Primal Bond (or Lightning Warder with Stormcaller’s Pact), you have to take all Shaman tree 50/50

Oleron’s Rage gives you more speed and OA, chance to crit increased, Ring of Steel procs more.
If you prefer defensive one, you can take Primal Bond instead, it has damage absorption and boost the physical damage too.
Maxed Blindside is great help to reduce target’s DA. So it is still have good enough chance to crit (but lower compare to Oleron’s Rage one)

Please pardon me, I really missed your question

You have to get more Ascendant (purple) points in order to choose Dire Bear constelation.
So we takes Hammer first (or any Ascendant constelation like Owl, etc)
We can refund the points later.
For refunding Devotion points, there’s Sahdina the Spirit Guide in Devil’s Crossing, she will cost you Iron Bits and Aether Crystal.

Here’s the complete step to get the devotion setup :

  • 1 point Crossroads Ascendant (purple)
  • 1 point Crossroads Order (yellow)
  • Tortoise
  • Assassin’s Blade
  • Bull
  • Dryad
  • Scales of Ulcama (not full complete)
  • Sailor’s Guide
  • Eel
  • Solemn Watcher
  • Hammer
  • Dire Bear
  • Take all points from Hammer via Sahdina
  • Take point from Crossroads Order (yellow) via Sahdina
  • Tree of Life

Cheers :slight_smile:

can you still facetank MQ after the soldier/shammy nerfs?

EDIT: i’m also going to assume that screenie is with every buff active? followed this build to the letter dps is closer to 20k, OA is 2000 lol. that is with identical gear, components, augments, skill points and devotions.

aaaaannnnnd despite all that i just facetanked MQ so i guess it still works in 1.08 :smiley: Also since finding full warborn it’s a great set i use it a lot- i think full warborn is > 2 x reaver’s claw, the buff is up 24/7 and more than makes up the difference

For this build can Markovian Advantage and Zolhan’s trigger at the same time as cadence fires? Or do they only trigger (sometimes) on the 2 charge ups that are charging cadence? Thanks.