[]Bleed/Vitality/Health Reduction & Slow/Immobilize - Bloody Totemist !

Calculator : https://grimcalc.com/build/1006-JqMQ6e
Is this the most overpowered build ever or what ?! :smiley:
To me this is the most synergetic build in all Grim Dawn !

Please make suggestions regarding a better kind of point distribution and what gear should be used ( usually +vitality damage and +bleed damage).
All suggestions are welcomed.

Did any of you tried it ?

Of those two choices, I’ll go with “what”.

Vitality caster conjurer is a classic build, and a strong one through the early and mid game. It stalls in Ultimate unless you do some careful planning around how you’ll deal with critters who are resistant or immune to your damage and CC. “Unstoppable” heroes and bosses are going to tear you up, and the hulks in Plain of Strife will just make you cry tears of blood.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly possible to overcome those challenges and make a very strong vitality caster who can make it through all content, but you don’t have that build here.

Won’t minus vitality and minus bleed resistance break immunity ?
-100% vitality from Swarm and -40% vitality from Vulnerability.
-55% bleeding from Swarm and -61% bleeding from Frailty.

Yes, but that won’t affect resistances/immunities to slow and immobilization.

What you are saying is that those mobs are very fast and immune to slow and immobilization and that would be a problem how ?

Shaman with no Heart of the Wild? Occultist with no Possession or Blood of Dreeg?

Why would this Occultist take Possession? Aside from being the worst Exclusive Skill in the game (:)) it does nothing to aide the Bleeding side of things, which is arguably the more potent part of the build.

@umbra: Keep in mind that bosses are more or less completely immune to health reduction effects.

Thought he was doing vit, Bleed/Vit isn’t something I ever bother with, personally.

Because they’ll kill you.

Up to you if you consider that a “problem” or not.

Heart of the wild is just defensive giving more hp so no.
To get possesion you have to waste 10 more skill points and 12 for the skill for only +135% vitality damage without extra points.

Aspect of the guardian is +50% more vitality damage for only 12+1 points.

Vit/Bleed works very well since you have - resist for both and skills that do damage for both types.

Suggest a better point allocation. Removing Pox ?
But bosses won’t be immune to the rest of the pox damage right ?

I wouldn’t really remove anything. Build looks alright for the purposes of Bleed/Vit. You’re squishy as all hell, though, in part for having invested everything into Spirit…shame you don’t have the points for Heart of the Wild, though.

There’s extensive discussion of how to build a character along these lines in this thread.

You are right.

This build should use Grasping vines+Entangling vines+Curse of frailty for slow immobilization, Wasting for - offensive ability of enemies.

Not quite the same but thanks. I know about that one.

In reality you’ll have more points to allocate because of all the +skills bonuses you’ll be able to grab from gear. But this one looks very squishy. Possession or Primal Bond will give you some damage absorbtion you’ll definitely need. Blood of dreeg will give you a healing potion every few seconds, boost OA heavily, give really strong phys resist and cover poison resist completely.

From my point of view this build does not have strong single DPS skill for boss fights (Doom Bolt or Sigil of Consumption+ Destruction). Totems are very good for trash mobs but will not help you much with bossess. Blood Pact is awesome but you must be in totems area of effect in order to benefit from it - you will be moving a lot since you are a caster, not melee build. Bloody Pox clears large areas and combo Bloody Pox + Wendigos Mark makes “wonders” :slight_smile: But you should focus either or vitality or bleed damage in order to beat Ultimate. There are simply just not enough skill points to invest for both types of damage.
Also devotions will play huge role in this build.

My suggestion for vitality Pox Conjurer:


Sigil of Consumption + Twin Fangs
Bloody Pox + Wendigos Mark (Huge life leech!) Curse of Frailty + Acid Spray (procs very often!) Devouring Swarm + Hungering Void Possession + Giants Blood
Mogdrogen`s Pact + Turtle shell (i personally do not like much this constellation)

I don’t know if it’s the worst. 12% Absorb at lvl 12 good . Chaos resistance great. Decent % damage, flat damage for the relevant builds unlike…Oleron’s Rage that gives some % OA, which is good but not good enough for an exclusive. The %pierce damage is whatever even for a Blademaster late game, maybe if it had some flat pierce, the trauma damage is irrelevant.

And the %OA it gives, inner focus does that too and it’s available at lvl 1…I still take Oleron’s for the relevant characters but it’s very bad for an exclusive skill.

If you put points in spirit you get a vitality build.

If you put points in cunning you make a bleeding build.

Is it worth putting 50% in spirit and 50% in cunning or put everything in one for maximum damage of 1 element.

What do you think it is better in relation to what items you find in game ?

My advice. don’t throw stats around according to what you find. You will mess up your character.

There are very few builds where dumping all points in spirit or cunning works and it’s hard to pull off.

If you are doing the melee dual wield bleed build you want cu full physique and save 10 points for spirit for the amulet requirements. A melee bleed build needs to survive long enough to apply all sources of bleed damage and maybe even crit with them. You will need all the health you can get end game.

Even Casters will put most of their stats in physique.

We are talking about this build.