[] BWC Sorcerer - Fire walk with me!

hehe, seems, guys, you didn`t see killing Avatar by pure Demolitionist )

Sorry, didn’t mean that. I read a guide that said all new toons should start by getting 10 devo points by:

  1. Get to level 2.
  2. Go to crucible and do the first 10 waves.
  3. Choose to collect reward (treasure + 3 tokens - whatever they’re called).
  4. Cash in the tokens with the devo npc guy for 1 devo point.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

If you want 5 more, the cost of each devo point goes up to 5 tokens, so you need to run a few more waves for these. Cash in each tme you have >= 5 tokens.

After 10 points it gets expensive, not really worth it (8 tokens for 11-15 iirc)?

If you already have devo points then it will start out expensive, so only really viable for a new toon. Hope that helps.

EDIT: Note that you also get exp and items. You can come out at level 18 and 10 devo points and some early blues after 1.5 to 2 hours.
I did it on a toon I’d levelled to 10 but he hadn’t done any shrines (I forgot I was supposed to go in at level 2). He ended up level 19, with 10 devo points and decent gear. Problem is that you get no exp until you get near to Burrwich, you just have to run around doing quests for a small exp gain but enjoy smashing stuff for a while :slight_smile:

so you basically start normal grim dawn campaign with 10 devotion points ? i am asking because i am perfectly crucible noob :smiley:

Yes - and I added an EDIT to the post to clarify that you get exp too.

Are you the same Stoya as played D2 Median XL and posted many excellent guides?

EDIT P.S. 10 points is enough to mean that you can have full 50 devo by the end of Elite, so no great incentive to do more with the increasing token cost as well.
P.P.S. I have no idea why the guy said you should start at level 2. I did it from ton level 10 and it was ok, I had a few skills at my disposal by then - but I guess crucible tailors difficulty to your level/gear etc.? Key thing is: Just be sure to have zero devotions before you start crucible.
JoV, sorry to hijack your thread man. Looking forward to the guide.

thank you for the build ! i wondered if you considered Pyro and how you would see the pros/cons.

i’m actually running a BWC Pyro nearing the end of Ultimate and as i began to have a few BiS it’s becoming really impressing(got 2 pieces of IK’s set, deviltongue and the two Wyrmthings legs, but still the lvl 35 relic for example).

as far as i can see it should be very close (you loose OA from Inner Focus, but gain Blood of Dreeg, Dmg absorb from the Sphere but get Possession…). it’s two ways to support a mostly Demo build anyway^^

I tried with commando and 3 ectoplasm + ToL healing rain and still had huge energy issues when facing harder targets. Biggest reason I picked arcanist as second for this is that neat -% skill energy consumption, high spirit and high +% to energy regen.

Never mind, feel free to post w/e :wink:

Only actual difference imho is energy managment that favors arcanist.
You have better rr as pyro but you have higher crit and c speed as arcanist,…

Edit: tho you dont have mirror as pyro and that comes more than handy with high CDR. Its on 14.6 sec CD for this build and there is AV procs also to further reduce CD.

ya i am stoya from median, do we know each other ? i hope we do anyway:p

lol thats super abusable thing, starting main campaign with 10 devotions can net you max devotion points around mid elites :smiley: ok another reason for me not to touch crucible lol :smiley:

@jov and others offtopic question

any1 has experienced shadow strike bug or something? my SS is on my ‘q’ button and when i spam SS sometimes it never performs animation

2- also i experienced olerons blood skill olerons might, locks all my cooldowns sometimes that i cant even spam my phantasmal blades or use any items before cooldown of olerons might ends…

3- its me or crucible mobs comes with less defensive stats and die quicker than main campaign forms…

sorry for offtopic jov :rolleyes:

JoV - I’m looking to get this build rolling as I take a break from farming on my main. Do you have any tips/suggestions for getting the build rolling in Act 1-2? Is it Veteran capable from the start?


ok ty for answer :wink: i do have noticed that my char was more addict to green potions now that i spam more skills at ultimate ranks (and maybe gear skills as well). and mirror should have saved me a few deaths too :smiley:

I have fire-based commando tank with energy issues.

Slotting Soul Shards into rings helps a ton!

Seconded. I’d like some early-build thoughts so I can get going while the guide is fleshed out. I’ve never played Demo so I don’t know if it would be better way to start levelling than as Arcanist with PRM or OFF etc.

BWC with transmuter will clear Veteran and most of Elite on its own. Speaking from experience.

Hi again - I think I started Median after you’d stopped but some of your old forum guides were resurrected (their forums died more times than Dracula) so I know the name.

I’ve not played in ages (waiting for Sigma, but it’s never arrived). I think my login was Kato on Median.
Crucible isn’t too bad to be abuse IMHO, D2 had the cow level before the devs finally allowed skill/stat resets and MXL allowed more and easier, so as long as GD doesn’t allow Mastery etc resets, only skills and devotions, having some kind of fast start is something.
I don’t want to have to make the same character over again to try new builds just because it only has 40 mastery points in a class and I’ve put 50 in the toon I already have. Not fun.

Reckless Power vs Arcane Will.

I’m wondering why go all the way to 50 mastery in Arcanist when you could get the same or more from 6 extra points in Arcane Will?

Unless you want the damage conversion perhaps? Not sure I can see why though.

In fact, you could also save the mastery points and stop at 32 without RP, unless you want to use 50 mastery for the stats?

ya didnt talk with marco since ages, so dont know when sigma gonna arrive, 3 of my friends pm’d me on youtube about sigma return… i will probably play if sigma comes out.

after medianxl GD is kinda easy and learning curve is not that long compare to median tbh. everyday i come up with different build ideas and keep trying them till i got bored :smiley:

like every other arpgs GD has its issues and i totally agree what you pointed out :undecided:

Thanks, I’ve started on that basis following the skill tree JoV posted, trying not to use all the points in case something gets too energy-intensive.

Anyone any idea how attributes are spent? All in Physique? Few Spirit for jewellery (but not needed until later on)?

First I have to say that this is old build and it used to be something else so it has both mastery’s maxed. But even if that wasnt the case I would still max arcanist mastery cuz reckless power is 12% casting sped +135% fire and burn dmg with 50% increased duration, and since you have more than enough point to spend going for it is good thing imo. On other side there is not much reasons to max demo mastery beyond agonizing flames (40 pts) so if you want more skill points to play around I would recommend that.

Problem I found with arcane will is that it activates on 70% hp and you are most of the time on more than 70% hp due to BS activating on 75%. Dont get me wrong AW is a great skill and If you want you can invest some more points in it.

Any time :wink:

As for early build most of my arcanist builds are leveled up with PRM/devastation combo and respeced later. but if you want you can lvl this one up using demos BWC and canister bomb equally efficient.

You can go all physique tho this char has 5 pts in cunning and 1 in spirit.

P.S. For casters you invest in spirit not because of jewelry but because of offhand :wink:

Yes this build is veteran capable (I never start from normal :)), for other tips see post above :wink:

Its really easy to lvl up efficiently cuz it has so many great aoe skills, pick the one and it will get you to mid-end elite with no issues at all.

How does the PRM method go? I have never touched an Arcanist before.