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PB Witch Hunter

Since long now I haven’t see anyone post any PB build (which is shame btw) so I decided to post this, more or less unusual, one.
Im toying with vitality dmg for long now and this is one of 3 vitality casters I had on drawing board (have conjurer and trickster except this one).
Recent upgrades to DS set made me accelerate a bit process of making this build (who knows maybe it will be nerfed again :D) so here it is:

Concept of the build

This build is using newly changed Demon slayers set to convert some portion of cold and pierce dmg from phantasmal blade line to vitality. Here how it looks like:

To stay alive this build is relying on massive ADCTH from PB line (heart seeker) supported with acid spry from manticore for even better results, coupled with wendigos mark bound to cof for even more ADCTH.

Grim clac (devotions and +skills) http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-pYCKPv
Grim clac (devotions) http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-kAdst7

Wtf vitality build without sigil and doom bolt? - I just dont find them needed, but if you want you can dump few points in one or in each you have plenty points to go around.

Dying God where? - Was tough call to drop it, since ToL is a must if you dont want energy issues, only way to grab DG is to drop wendigo. I didnt want to do that cuz wendigo is uber in terms of defense.

What can you do with this build?

You can easily finish all main game content with all rogue like dungeons. Facetank and kill most nemesis, MQ excluded from facetanking cuz that ridiculous retaliation but its doable with kitting. I didn’t tried this build in crucible but its tanky enough not to have some serious issues. Dont expect some boss/nemesis uber killing times this is caster after all, but it has great clearing speed.

Attribute points

Spirit and cunning to fulfill gear requirements rest in physique. This build has: Physique/Cunning/Spirit - 63/0/27


I wont here go far into details, cuz its pretty straightforward and you can cap resistances with many gear and augment combinations.

  1. 3pc of demon slayer set (you can even go with full set but I find PE of Beronath to be better choice for amulet),
  2. BoM at lest with +3 PB (mine is +5)
  3. OoBF or BOoC as offhand
  4. Signet of the fallen for -15% vitality resistance reduction
  5. Girdle of stolen dreams
  6. Mos shoulders with +3 to PB
  7. Solaels decimation
  8. Green pants, ring and boots to cap resistances
  9. Gloves with casting speed and resistances you need.

Sidenote Important thing is to get you PB on 26/16. On 26/16 you get 6th blade so its actually 20% more dmg. It is achievable even w/o +5 PB BoM, +3 PB BoM is enough.

In closing

Phantasmal blades due to its shotgun effect and ADCTH is definitely one of the best if not the best castable skill there is. You can make so many builds around it and all will work more or less good, WH, trickster, saboteur, spelbreaker. But be advised that for maintaining its high energy cost only spelbreaker dont need to take some energy regen devotion (ie. ToL heling rain).

Have fun :slight_smile:
Peace out!

Yea, I’m toying around with sth like this. Is it better than the Trickster version, I still haven’t done that?

Played this kind of build before the buff, way back when it was a The only character of mine that casually killed himself with reflection.

I see you use Orb of Black Flame. Have you considered Blood Orb of Chthon for cold -> chaos?

Also, how’s energy? Still consumes EoS like crazy?

I have hard time to decide between trickster and WH. WH looks better on paper cuz of gear available (almost everything vitality based is for occultist lol) but devouring swarm is so uber for -% vitality resistance…I have to fully finish trickster to be sure.

I had setup with blood orb and its ok if you are going for chaos dmg, but for vitality based one black flame is slightly better imho.

ToLs healing rain is making sure you almost don’t need any EoS :wink:

P.S. Funny I dont have any problems with reflection dmg.

i have similar build but i quit playing it due to huge energy consumption. how do you solve this? tree is not enough in my case.

Idk than, In my case is more than enough, with ToLs HR proc my energy regeneration is almost 170 per sec. Up time of proc is 8 secs with 9.4 sec CD, so almost perma up.
Also worth mentioning is OoBF -9% skill energy cost.
Im even thinking to remove that ectoplasm from ring now that I reached lvl 10 HR.

I dont know why you went WH when a trickster would be so much better.

Hmm i made something similar only it used Blood Orb of Chthon and was a Chaos/Vitality build and a little different devotion

It did have Doom Bolt though and my gloves were green gloves of Dark Intent which had an extra Doom Bolt. I found PB to be a decent skill but i was perplexed by it having such low sheet DPS (sure its better in the field but still), I guess i got used to seeing better numbers :stuck_out_tongue:


The reason why you didn’t find many PB builds is because imo they’re pretty straightforward to gear for (atleast that’s the reason i didn’t bother posting one), it’s a decent skill no doubt with innate life steal and looks pretty cool :cool:

Interesting choice of offhand

Since you have Wendigo already, play a few minutes with it bound to PB. It procs on literally every mob you hit.

I do have PB trickster and actually is not much better if any.

Its a shotgun skill, sheet dps is calculated per blade and when on 26/16 you have 6 blades.

Thx, you can go with BOoC and there will not be much difference. Took this one mainly cuz of proc and -% to skill energy consumption.

I did it and its cool, but main reason I bind it to cof is that cof is radial effect (I even invested points in it to increase radius) so its letting me possibly leach from all the mobs surrounding me, not just the ones hit by blades.

So that’d explain how i was able to kill Ultimate Fabius with it

No wonder this skill was once able to kill Mogdrogen

Fabius is a joke with any decent PB build.

Idk maybe its still able to kill Mog but it would be looong fight :slight_smile:

Updated all planed content.

hey seems like interesting build (again), i was wondering what about attributes points ?
also augment on weaps/jewerly ?

thanks in advance

Cunning and spirit just to meet requirements rest in physique.
This build has 63 physique, 27 spirit (you could go with less) and 0 cunning.
Augment on weapons and armor are highly dependent on resistance rolls on other equipment. On weapons I use OA/HP/Energy regen augments, armor augments are aether/lightning, Aether, Vitality/chaos ones.

k thanks for answer, pretty fun atypical build i must say ^^