[] Witchblade / Lazy poison tank

This build is an update/variant of this one:

So thanks to Guts and to comments for theorycrafting.

Differences here are some changes in gear and less buttons to push.

The idea here is to tank in most of the cases while dealing massive DoT (about 60 to 90k ticks).
All skillz have cooldown here so it’s lazy, you have just to blitz on packs of mobs and use your spells.
Sometime you have to kite a bit (when overguard is down) but it’s rare and only for 2 or 3 sec.

All ultimate is doable, most bosses and nemesis are easy.
You will never break a worldrecord in killing time but it’s efficient and require no skill.
Challenger crucible is easy too, but i’ve never tried gladiator (seem tricky).
Never tried madqueen too, her retaliation shotgun can be a problem with gazes.

It’s not OP but definitely my best farming machine now.

Stats with all buffs an gear:

Helm : Eldritch Gaze / can consider Clairvoyant’s hat
Shoulders : Mantle of Dreeg / can consider emp warlords spaulders for a defensive setup
Chest : Divinesteel Hauberk
Gloves : Viperfang Grips
Belt : Girdle of Stolen Dreams (refflect mob can be a problem regarding energy burn)
Pants: Sheltering solael-sect legguards of corrosion (we can do better here )
Boots: Footpads of the Grey Magi / can consider golemborn or some great greens

Weapon : Plaguebearer of Dreeg with mark of dreeg to use its nice skill
Shield: Siegebreaker / can consider Vanguard of legion

Rings : Judicators signets / can consider good greens with OA/DA and resistances
Amulet : Black Gem of Dreeg / can consider Peerless eye
Amulet : Mark of apostate / can consider Mark of divinity

Relic: Dreeg’s Affliction

Devotion setup:

Acid spray -> Blitz
Guardian’s Gaze -> CoF
Scorpion Sting -> Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze (Mark of dreeg)
Tainted eruption -> DEE

Resistance reduction we can stack:

  • 25 RR from Acid spray
  • -25% from Plaguebearer of dreeg
  • -36% from CoF
  • 12% from Open hand of mercy
    Always up

Can not stack: mark of dreeg


Bllitz on mobs for debuff + CC -> Overguard -> CoF for debuff + summon gazes -> Dreegs Infinite for debuff + damage-> Dreeg’s Afflicted Spines for damage - > DEE for damge nuke and CC
Cast Blood of dreeg when needed
Watch cooldown and cast again :rolleyes:


  • Enough tanky to face most bosses an nemesis
  • Massive DoT , still DPS while kitting.
  • Extremely efficient to CC packs of mobs


  • Still lack HP to me
  • Tricky in some cases (reflect mobs like thelon or valdaran and madqueen)
  • Fight against mobs with high poison resist can be boring :smiley:

Advices are welcome to improve the build :stuck_out_tongue:

Reserved for later