[] The Clairvoyant Warlock: Triple Doom Bolts and unending Devastation

respecced my ct warlock to this one… quite worth the while… how much cdr is good enough…? stuck at 49 %

You are in a pretty good place with CDR :smiley: Anything with ~50 and above is awesome.

thanks fluff, I bet cast speed is not essential here as well… my only problem with the build is that after converting all chaos damage to aether, I have expected some greenish type doom bolt, oh well! I guess we have to really eliminate the useless vit in there as well, for it to really change in color! :(:rolleyes:

If the GrimTools DB is to be trusted then the maximum possible CDR value is 54%, but It seems like that’s not accurate and the actual max is 50% or so with real items. 49% is more than acceptable, it already implies better than average rolls.

P.S. If anyone has ever seen a hat/amulet with 8%, an offhand with 20%, or a wand with 5% CDR please let me know so I can actually give an accurate max value.

To be able to cast mirror back to back you need 50%, but in most situation casting it back to back is not essential.

I didn’t, 7%, 19% and 4% are respectable values of equipment Im using and imo those are max values.

I also thought it would change color long ago. Seems only transmuted (AAR, Totem) or Synergy skills (Thermites+Hellfire) change color. I also thought Hellfire would be greenish:D

I am dreaming of getting that maiven sphere to ultimate ranks with my BoM… too bad it would put my resistances and hp in disarray :rolleyes: again I will reiterate this build is definitely worth a try:D

I dream that one day, all skills will be colored according to the highest damage they’re dealing. One day, I dream of Doom Bolts in EVERY COLOR! Let the Doom Bolt Rainbow become a reality!


dont worry, I am gay too

And here I thought my build was original. Didn’t see this in the compendium and only found it because I was searching the forums on how to properly pronounce ereoctes :o

How well does your build deal with Aetherial mobs? I found them dang near immortal until i switched to aggrivix’s malice/purified salt/aether tendril. After that switch though I was able to kill (still had issues with hulks and anasteria respectively) and push gladiator pretty far at 140+ (biting my nails and sweating every step of the way). The only real issue I was running into is RNG on nemesis spawns, though, it may be more possible if I were to eliminate PRM entirely and focus points into mirror and maybe more offensive ability, but then I may lose the consistancy from aggrivix’s malice. I’m such a panzy sometimes when altering my builds, HC can be unforgiving at times.

My take on the clairvoyant style warlock http://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPe1jN0

Well the build as it is presented has a considerable amount of aether resistance reduction: 103% if everything goes off, 88% if you only count the relatively reliable procs and ignore that from Codex of Lies. There’s also a fair amount of fire and vitality damage that, while not scaled very well, works ok on aetherials.

I’m also pretty sure my setup flat out does much more damage by virtue of having much more CDR and reaching the hard level cap on Devastation and Doom Bolt.

Just swapping Reckless Power out for Star Pact would give a considerable DPS boost to those 2 skills.

I think I’ll give that a try and swap out Reckless Power for Star Pact, nerf my PRM for just proc’ing the Aggrivix’s Malice relic and switch to peerless eye or devil’s charm to max out dev/doombolt.

Although, I might really miss the resistance buffs of Avatar of Mercy, I’ve had a few close calls even with what I’m running currently. The extra points in Devastation with the CDR and the considerable amount of points I’ll be able to dump into Inner Focus/Elemental Balance might justify 25/16 for dev/db while holding on to my Necklace.

Really appreciate the response :slight_smile: This feels ground breaking haha.

I hope you will enjoy this build, because I really did… it’s too good and strong that sometimes it’s not even funny anymore:rolleyes:

Already am :slight_smile: I have about 80 hours on my variation, I’m hoping to maximize my damage more while keeping the same aspects of my playstyle. My gpu crapped out on me though so I haven’t had a chance to try out the changes :frowning: