[] Vit / Chaos Phantasmal Blades Witch Hunter

While I gave up finding an efficient build for Demonslayer’s Garb set, I turned to find the use of parts. I am not sure anyone post similar build yet. However, Here are the ideas of my build:

  1. By combine its chest armor with Blood Orb of Ch’thon’s buff + Fang of Ch’thon, PB dmg types become mostly Vit & Chaos.

  2. The most important mana issue for PB build is solved by using Tree of Life + Harvestman’s Scythe Devotions and energy absorb stats on items and componets. Chest armor’s regen also helps a bit.

  3. ABB’s Lethal Assault provides additional dmg boost during some close range combats (Boss fight, mostly). In fact, thanks to the high atk spd (3.38 /sec) and ADcH (mine is 22%), I can melee some boss to death without using PB at all. For example, when I fought Fabius by facetanking him, I somehow drained my mana pool. The solution was simply melee with ABB and wait devotion proc to regen my mana pool~~:p Same thing applied to Iron Maiden also. For those enemies requires kite (like Mad Queen…) you wont have mana issue.
    (4/10 Update: Remove ABB & put all points to Possession, Second Rite, and Solael’s Witchfire. Replace Dying God devotion with Solael’s Witchblade.)

Here is my build link:

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I also have similar trickster build, tho I never found time to post it.

Interesting concept. I’m working on a Trickster which will be using the Demonslayer’s set. But I tend to fart-ass around with skills 99% of player’s normally avoid (eg my build has Blade Trap maxed).

Half way through building my Trickster I was planning on using Blood Orb of Ch’thon on a Witch Hunter for something similar.

I tried this idea on my trickster before, it didn’t work out very well. :cry:

I find that DG set is really not a good set for PB build as a whole (let’s just say it’s not very … efficient …). By replacing 2 weapon slots the dmg types are limited to vit / chaos, which are quite compatible and results total dmg increasing.

I just can’t see the possibility of making use of whole DG set viable… :frowning:

I am jealous of your ring and pants. Also, why the transmuter in Breath? You’re not Dualing.

What transmuter you mean???

the pneumatic burst transmuter, only works with 2x melee weapon

What’s your PB sheet dps ? I have been leveling a near identical build (hit level 85 on it 10 minutes ago as of this post), and mine says 11.5k without dying god. It’s also far squishier, has ~100 less OA and no ToL, though the OA and defense issues should go away with better MIs. Energy most likely won’t be fully solved until the expansion increases the devotion cap though.

One thing I have noticed, because you have both DG and ToL, you don’t have any RR from devotions. Your chaos RR maxes out at 30% and the proc from Fang of Ch’thon isn’t very reliable against bosses with adds.

I’m pretty sure you could ditch Dying God for Solael’s Witchblade and Manticore, and end up with more damage from the extra 45 reduced chaos res. It would also help your vitality damage with another 25 RR from manticore.

I’m also skeptical of the value of investing into Solael’s witchfire and Second rite so much. 1 point each for +skills to do their work seems more efficient. Mine has the extra skill points into Doom Bolt (21/12 Doom Bolt, since Sash of the Bloodlord was just what my resists needed and I don’t have Girdle of Stolen Dreams). Another way would be to go and grab Circle of Slaughter for extra defense.

It is fixed now. Thanks for reminding. :smiley:

My sheet dps is in attached pic. Energy issue should be able to solve by fully leveled ToL, energy leech, and energy absorption stats from items, components, plus a bit from Devotion, I think.
I do agree it won’t be “fully” solved like using Spellbreaker (which is able to spam PB to air with full energy pool all time). However, as long as there are mobs to hit, it shouldn’t be a issue at all. Like I mentioned, you can use ABB to melee a few sec (1~2 secs, roughly) to wait mana pool to be full again. :stuck_out_tongue: [/QUOTE]

It’s a tough choice, indeed. I just tested my set with a BoC run. It was “slightly” less efficient than SoT and PoV run but still quite smooth as whole. Killed Shar’zul in decent time with a bit dodge (it dropped Shar’zul’s Worldeater legendary after I killed it, no wonder it hit so hard…), but it was much less kite than other caster builds.
I will test your suggestion and see how it goes when I have time tho.

I prefer to have less buttons. Doom Bolt & CoS seems to be redundant for a PB build. :stuck_out_tongue:
The “defense” of this build comes from massive ADcH. :wink:

I use a very similar build (Jov posted a link to it) but with no ABB. I also find DG amulet pointless because of + to crappy skills and the proc with the full set is crap because it’s on enemy death. If they changed one of the + in the amulet to Phantasmal Blades or changed one + to Phantasmal Blades in the final bonus of the set, then maybe i would use the amulet.

Kind of wish Signet of the Fallen had to Phantasmal Blades instead of Nether Edge or even better Blood Pact. But i guess they want it to be focused to Trickster.


The 3 basic challenges of making a viable PB build are:

  1. Maximize PB
  2. Energy sustain
  3. Narrow down damage types (with conversions)

As a 4 pieces set, DG provides very little support to these 3 goals. I really hope Crate will rework this set in the near future…

After closer look, it seems the flat dmg added by ABB wasn’t worth the points invested. By removing ABB and putting all points to Possession, Second Rite, and Solael’s Witch Fire I got more sheet dmg and 1 less button to press.

As a result, increase dmg modifier is more useful then add flat dmg to PB. Perhaps due to its low weapon %?

Well if you drove all 3 of those deep into the ultimate levels you’re actually getting just as much or more flat damage than you would have with Lethal Assault. Still, PB’s weapon damage component is comparable to CT, so getting flat dmg is nice but not a huge deal.

Also this kind of build doesn’t get remarkably high % Chaos and Vitality damage, so increasing those still has a noticeable impact. Getting another 200% chaos damage on a build that starts at ~1200% is more noticeable than on a build that already has 1700%.

Since PB has a huge amount of hits per target and %weapon damage, a good old Girdle of Stolen Dreams (10% Chance of 156 Energy Leech over 2 Seconds) must help a lot.

Yes. And energy absorptions from items / components.
The energy sustain of this build is “as long as there are things to hit & things that hit you”. :wink:

Another thing that kind of baffles me about DG set is the first bonus set: it boosts pierce damage by 60%. So does that mean the developers want us to use untransmuted PB? Because 60% to Vitality damage would make more sense if they wanted us use to use Frenetic Throw.

60% extra damage to a modifier is not a deal breaker in the slightest, specially in endgame where it barely matters. Just trying to understand the logic here.

And the weapons have %piercing on them even though Pierce PB is all but gimped at this point

Korvoran’s Chestguard in a weird place due to this as the flat pierce damage doesn’t make much sense

PB is strong and all but imo they need to be clear with what they intend it to be.
Currently Vitality/Chaos PB is the most logical
Followed Cold PB whose support increased recently

Besides that there’s aether PB

Pierce just kinda hangs around there, the modifier doesn’t make much sense to me,

Why even bother having Pierce at all when 60% of it is being converted to Vitality


I find almost every gears that supports PB has pierce modifier / flat pierce dmg. Change them to Vit, cold or even chaos dmg makes more sense to me.


Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Solael’s Witchfire - only affects weapon attacks? I would think that PB would not benefit from this.

Same would go for Second Rite??

Please let me know…currently lvl 42 playing HC with my Witchhunter playing a PB + transmuter build.

I was not planning on investing in that skill line due to it affecting what I thought was weapon attacks and not affecting spells.