[] The Strongest Cabalist


I don’t like having overwhelming amount of information in my build guide :frowning:

As soon as you see the devotion distribution, you’ll probably understand why this build is disgustingly strong.


I don’t think you have a whole of resist reduction unless you plan on patching it up with gear. In particular, you have no source of flat resist reduction such as Acid Spray. Murmur would also be a big help if you were to take it.

Going for Tainted Eruption when you don’t have much Poison elsewhere seems like an odd choice too.

Linking a bare-bone skill setup with no other information isn’t a guide. It’s just a link.

Besides, your devotions don’t say why it’s a strong build. In fact, some of the devotions don’t make much sense. You’re using Tainted Eruption without any other poison skills (level 1 Ravenous Earth doesn’t count) and Shepard’s Call with only Skeletons and Reap Spirit…

This build looks like it would barely survive Elite.

Right now I tainted eruption is at lv1 and its total dot is 5150… and i have trash gear.

Tainted eruption is amazing just on its own imo.

I m playing this build in Ultimate. So far having no problem. Gonna start farming crucible soon.

Tainted eruption even at lv 1 does 5k total dot. It is imo the most amazing devotion skill available.

Lv 1 Ravenous Earth was my mistake. I linked the wrong grimtool… my bad

My Tainted Eruption on my Witch Hunter does 30k damage over 5 seconds at level 10/15. With a full spread of attacks, I normally crit around 105k per DoT tick.

Boasting 5k damage on ultimate might get you outside Devil’s Crossing, but not much further.

Regardless, if your build is working for you, then so be it. I was merely stating that posting a single link doesn’t qualify as a guide.

How is this []? Necromancer isn’t released yet if it’s []…

Necromancer released in patch [] and the current patch is [] as of the patch that came out today

^^ What he said. A guide is a plan for what to do to get to the state your character is at now, with explanations for why you took the skills and devotions (and other choices) you did when you did them. This is nothing more than a “hey, showing off my character” link.

build has no sinergy,points are to spread between different types of dmg and also not going full on spectral binding …and oh lol devotions .sry but its better to keep that mess for yourself and not advertising it like a build guide^^