[] 2H Aether Death Knight

Master of Death provides a silly amount of OA, some DA, and a healthy amount of Vit res, all of which I prefer to alternative. I do like Harbinger’s life leech and aether damage boost, but the physical to vit conversion is actually something I want to avoid, and the casting speed isn’t necessary either.

I need a second mindwarp, though I am sure I can get one this weekend through trade or the Crucible, so I plan on testing a DW version in the near future. I am not sure how it will affect my skill point distribution, and if I will need to mess with my attributes.

I imagine it will play similar to the mindwarp wielding build (battlemage I think) that was around before the expansion, so you can probably look that up if you don’t want to wait for my results.

But what about the Oleron’s Rage? Isn’t it good or it doesn’t add anything good at all to us? As I said, I’m pretty noob yet, so sorry if I am saying dumb stuff haha

Can build this clear most content without being too gear-dependent? I want to try this build as my first ultimate character, can I manage to do it? The DPS and defense is enough without the best gear options?

Well, I prefer 75 DA and 25% vit res over movement speed (normally I LOVE movement speed, but Blitz helps a lot in this area), but you are not wrong that both skills give bonuses that are fairly close.

Going one over the other will not make or break this build.

I do fine in Ultimate; I have not had any clearing issues with regular or expansion content, but I had the gear first, for the most part.

If your resistances are high enough and your damage is decent, Ultimate should be doable in other pieces. Soldier can be a good mastery to play before a lot of gear since it comes with so many defensive bonuses. If you find yourself having trouble, remember that you can go 1h/shield and move some points into defensive skills, as long as you can still kill enemies.

I plan on experimenting some in the coming weeks with dw and 1h/shield versions of the build, and I will post my results.

I am only lvl 21 thus far, but I’ll play around with your build and see if that works for dw.

For now im just rocking ravenous earth and some pets and pretty much tearing through stuff. :slight_smile:

Man I love your build! Hope to try it soon when find all required gear! Do you have any videos of this build in game?

Overall this is a great build except one thing - the name of the class is wrong due to lore of Cairn, in which ‘Death’ is associated with Cold, Vitality and Decay. But in ‘Death Knight’-case Crate gave us the only type of damage and it is Aether. So the most appropriate class name should be ‘Warp Knight’, not ‘Death Knight’ (because there is nothing death-wise neither in damage, nor in weapon and equipment).

Again, the build is great for the purposes of the hack’n’slash game.

Let us rejoice! They buffed the Krieg Set to give +1 skills to necromancer aswell, and some more necromancer skills oriented to the very specific pieces,
yay! :smiley:

Legendary - Krieg’s Armament Set: Added +1 to All Necromancer Skills, reduced flat Aether damage bonus to 32-45, added All Resist Reduction to the granted skill
Legendary - Krieg’s Boots: added +2 to Mark of Torment and 7% Move Speed
Legendary - Krieg’s Chestguard: added +2 to Spectral Wrath
Legendary - Krieg’s Grip: added +2 to Spectral Binding
Legendary - Krieg’s Shoulderguards: added +2 to Spectral Binding

I plan on going back over some gear and skill choices with the changes in the new patch. The changes to Harbinger of Souls in particular look interesting; I’ll post results this weekend hopefully.

It is still aether/physical-based ‘Warp Knight’, not ‘Death Knight’ :mad:

Question - What should we really be looking for on the MI Fleshwarped Core?

Can we trust the DPS numbers on Cadence, or should we be aiming for %Aether, Attack Speed, Flat Aether Damage etc?

I have a Mythical Soulsplitter, and two other pretty good MI Greens.

Not sure which of the three I should use. One with 23% attack speed one has the highest DPS, but the others are only about 1500 less ‘on paper’ Cadence DPS without components/augments, but seem to be better overall with more Aether Damage, Conversion, etc


Edit: Screenshots/links don’t seem to be working, maybe because it’s my first post

If you are using Cadence, always use the faster attack speed weapon. :slight_smile:

Not always the case. For his build I get ya, but Aether is not the only way to build a DK. I run a 2h vitality build that face tanks ultimate. So yeah, Death Knight

Yes, I came to the same one build after patch. Thanks for sharing :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess what I’m asking, is at what point is the +Aether/%Aether, and Conversion better than the attack speed? Because I feel like I’m doing way more damage and getting much higher numbers with this new one that has no attack speed on it, but ~300% more Aether damage, 51% Phys>Aether Conversion (versus 31% on the other one), 9% crit damage and an Arcane weapon proc.

But my Cadence DPS on the character sheet dropped by like 2000. I guess I just need to research what that calculation is looking at, because I think it’s adding only the physical damage from Cadence, prior to the Phys>Aether conversion, crits, WPS etc

Anyone managed to craft a Seal of Corruption? Requires like 12 ugdenbog flowers and looks way stronger than the wrathstone, I think! :smiley:

You will need the blueprint for it.

Don´t forget, that Deadly Momentum should be active while comparing :slight_smile:

I have crafted one, and I am planning on testing the differences between the two. Work and impending holidays have delayed this a bit more than I wanted, but it will occur!

Without saying which is better, strictly speaking, since I am not sure, I will say that faster attack speed gives you a greater chance for procs, and more consistent life leech.

I found the weapon I am using, and haven’t found any different affixes I think might be worth testing, but I am curious as to the results of others.

I am getting better results with the Seal of Corruption, I think. I have updated my final gear grim tools link, having moved some things around.

I will work on getting new screen shots up of my updated character screen.

I am currently leveling my Death Knight with a duel wielding cadence build, using Siphon Souls and the Haunt relic “curse” as main aoe abilites in addition to devotion procs (Arcane bomb etc).

Been working on the devotion setup for lvl 100, and came up with this:

I am unsure about what to pick tbh. Never tried Spear of the heavens or Rattosh before. Spears requirements seem steep, with not much to pick on the way there.

The gear in the link is just what i am currently using (@ lvl 72). Aiming for Kriegs and other suitable gear when the time comes.

Any thoughts?

Hmm… Is Haunt the best relic for this build, because of the aether resist reduction? I was thinking of using an Impurity or Uroboruuk’s Reaping or something, depending on what I find…