[] Burning Chaos pyromancer caster

Good job. It looks very similar to my BWC/sigil pyro but there are still a couple differences with gear, skills and devotion. That’s what I’m currently using/planning to use : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2garEgZ. I still miss a bucn of items items though, only found 2/4 Mythical Infernal Knight pieces and a Mythical Grim Fate so far.

Heh. I don’t think I was the first guy ever to come with such a build and I never claimed so. I’m actually happy because I won’t feel the need to update my guide anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have energy issues during long fights though, mostly because of Sigil. I’m currently thinking of removing some points from the base skill.

hey, my first set up was similiar to yours, i mean more close to fire/chaos damage; using grim fate and the green medal bloodsworn to make doom bolt a fire/chaos skill as well.
I wasnt so happy with results, especially with doom bolt, and since i looted more items that turned build into chaos focused (medal, ring, off hand) the build ended like this, and somehow i prefered that set up, and also feels a bit “new” cause of items from exp and feels less like a build that already been saw over this forum, actually why i posted it.
Even if the skills used are the same :rolleyes:

I’m happy with Grim Fate so far, and I didn’t even feel the loss of 20% fire/chaos RR from Exterminus that much. I did try Fang of Ch’thon but I wasn’t so happy of the result, mostly because the proc affects only one target.
I had initially planned to use Blood Sigil because it has a lot a synergy with that build but mark of Divinity is just too good to pass on and it’s saved my pyro’s ass a bunch of times :undecided:.
As for Doom Bolt, I initially picked it to snipe annoying mobs such as skeletal priests and groble shamans but since a single cast of BWC wipes the entire screen I don’t think it’s necessary anymore.

I’ll try you gear setup because with the new items and the increase in devotion skill level my chaos damage multiplier has skyrocketed whereas my fire damage is actually pretty low. Going pure chaos could be a huge boost.

fang of chthon proc is still welcomed, but mostly the +1occultist and the high ACDTH that will make you will in packs with CoF.
fire doom bolt was good on paper but got very disappointed by it, overall i dont like that skill anyway.
mark of divinity is sure a welcomed help, but id suggest you to try that blood sigil medal, it synergies very well with the build.
i hope this set up will boost your char, going for more chaos sure boosted mine

is the relic recipe a drop or can you buy it at some vendor ?