[] Burning Chaos pyromancer caster

Yeah another chaos char…


Well a caster this time, so that doesnt count for the same this time right ?
Anyway, i wanted in first place to do a fire/chaos gunslinger pyro using new items, but didnt got lucky on those, and got some interesting gear instead that made me do this char.

First idea/goal was to split kinda half fire/chaos trying to fully use both classes skills and devotions, also dropped a bloodsworn medal that since exp does a fire doom bolt but i wasnt satisfied with results and with the other gear i got (off hand and rings youll see bit lower) the char turned way more into chaos; a “burning” chaos actually since the burn damage wont be converted into chaos since chaos doesnt have its own dot damage.

ANWAY, here how it looks like:


Ill make it short:

The gearing speaks for itself, as you see sources of chaos added to BWC and CoF, RR from ring, off hand, dagger and symbol of solael, conversions from fire to chaos.

Green/MI gear aint mandatory as usual, especially with all those new components making our res easier to cap.

Since we dont have many defensive options, we stay alive thanks to our strong sigil and also flame torrent that will heal us through the nice ACDTH from the fang of Chthon weap; this will allow us to avoid kitting which is nice since we want our biggest enemies to stay into our sigil and BWC flames, while meteor devotion and CoF (that deals flat fire/chaos now remember) will clear the trashes.

You can clear whole game without any issues including act5 and all the “olds” nemesis.
I wont speak about the new nemesis since i dont have the rep on this char but it “might” tricky against that beast obviously …

As always: feel free to comment, suggest, improve, blah blah

Have fun !

reserved in case apocalypse happens

I was under the impression that apocalypse is certain to happen :smiley:

haha nice one :wink:

Nice build, Thrasheur. I guess Purifier wouldn’t be so good choose for this chaos caster as Pyromancer??

Hey thanks, well i didnt really thought of it, so didnt tried at all, but looking (very) quickly, the chaos RR of word of pain is obviously nice (even if poor radius), inquisitor seal could be usefull but, even if we could convert a lot of fire into chaos from the class, no items come up to my mind, and maybe im wrong (will have to check) but the gear would be an issue imo.

btw if i make a purifier my instant idea would be firestrike gunslinger, something i may work on and post if i have the time (and if no one does that before)

There are nothing to overcap and you still have enough points, but losing of SoC, which provides your ACDTH, would be much worse.

Something like this??)

yeah the set up works thanks to it, but maybe going for three of life, loosing ulzuin could work, the mana regen may allow to spam BWC a bit, but idk honestly, didnt tried at all (yet !)

and yeah something like this totaly xD

I have a similar Pyromancer build that blew through Ultimate. Haven’t played him much since AoM because of my Skelliemancer but here’s the build. Slightly different devotion set up and itemization but otherwise very similar.


yeah looks and could work, it looks like more like the one i was starting with,more splitted into fire/chaos, while the actual set up i posted is way more focused into chaos i must say.

Check out this devotion setup. Greatly helps mitigate the energy issues this build runs into.


i dont have mana issue since i use transmutted BWC, but loosing dying god to be able to eventually spam BWC would end in dps loss imo

That screenshot though…

Btw, why no Korvaak’s Deception? If burn is part of this build then that adds a decent Burn and it’s a secondary movement skill and will free up component slot for something else
Also, did you consider switching the gloves to non mythical version. The proc is nice since you have the RR to support it. You will loose armor but this build looks like it can take the punishment

Overall it’s a really cool concept and it’s nice to you see you post your first expac build :cool:


Seeing your Main Hand weapon, I thought you were going for a full chaos Grenado but then I saw you weren’t using the correct medal and realized it was a different build

You will even with transmuted BWC. This build was my “main” pre-AoM. In intense fights that dragged on, I would run into Energy issues (more pronounced after the energy pot nerf). Dying God is great but I would drop it to pick up Harp and Behemoth for increased survivability and evergy regen.

You weren’t the first to come up with this build. The original build was called “Voidfire Leech” by Shuranosuke (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33762). With the extra devotion/skill points, we can add more DPS to it now but the concept remains the same. Drop your DoTs, stand in chaotic fire, destroy resistances and leech energy/health from mobs.

thanks !
Well i hesitate a bit, at the end i just prefered the +1 occultist over the +1 demo, thats all; even if korvaak is better overall
didnt thought about gloves at all honestly :o

i didnt, i just cleared whole act5 earlier today, i wont consider a mana potion every 10mins a mana issue, just have to be cool on skills, nothing to spam.
again, as i said you can face whole act5 without issues and things such maiden with this exact set up, i keep it like this.
if the char stays alive against such mobs i wont go for more defensive option, i aint HC player,neither crucible.

Never claimed was “mine”, been playing a lot with pyromancers before exp, i remember a similiar build i saw that solocrucible but couldnt find it (i always linkthe previous thread that are similiar or helped me).

@Shark Energy isn’t much of an issue on transmuted BWC Pyros, though I only have experience with a Fire/Burn focused pyro and not with chaos/fire/burn

And you should consider taking Korvaak’s deception and seal of might and switching the gloves some of the new mythics suck as they’ve had their proc removed from them and will only suit few specific builds

ill try that relic, would save me a component anyway youre right.
yeah i saw that, some new effects are less good :confused:

It wasn’t pre-pot nerf. After? Ouchie. Though I’m also using Demon’s Breath which I’m sure alters the equation somewhat.

Love the build regardless though and can’t hurt for extra energy.

Can u write a leveling guide for lv 1-50 ?

im sorry i wont, i never write such thing as leveling guide, my post is already barely a build guide.
you have many options, you can either starts as BWC build in which case youll focuse on burn/fire and chaos dmg, following same devotion more or less.
another option would be to level as fire strike build, focusing more into fire and bit lightning (adding chaos once you max demo), that would work either melee or ranged, dw or 2h (if going 2h go for kraken devotion)
also can mix both fire strike and BWC, spamming flashbangs.
another option is to level with occultist first casting dreeg evil eye, your dmg would be focused on acid/poison, changing devotion according to this damage and switch later to the fire/chaos build.

anything can work while leveling, but personaly i always level the char according to its final build, to see how it evolves, and i dont want to change whole devotion at the very end, and level from 0 all the procs from devotion
you dont need all the gear i use to make it work, my set up use the gear to focuse on chaos, without it, its kinda half fire half chaos.