[] Deathguard Reaper

Umm, 500K crits in crucible with bone harvest?:slight_smile: ~200 in vanilla. Not so bad for AoE:p And you can also bring SS at 21

Haha, yeah. People really ought to try it out first. Crucible waves simply melt with Bone Harvest. Nemesis are my only real pain.

Hmm, with good troment-BB timing nemeses are ok. Just Sharz+senti can get a bit hairy if not careful.

BTW. One can try Harbinger exclusive too in cruci. That vit DoT is turned to poison and you also get very good life steal… Both exclusives are good in crucible not just master of death

Good reminder. I meant to try that out and completely forgot.

I’ve got Sharz and Sentinel down somehow. I kept getting spanked but learned to keep my distance with Sharz and kill him with poison. Sentinel can be mostly facetanked once he’s alone.

Up to date

Hmmm i put the points from Master of Death to Harbringer of Souls in the calculator and the poisen dmg increase by 2000 o:

Hi i wounder the attributes if it is like 2 phys, 1 cun and 2 spirit or is it just take what ever? because i didnt see anything about it. Other then that i love the build so far!