[] Deathguard Reaper

Update : Not much change, Finally make it to berserker and semi-caster variations.

This is more likely a miniguide, but I didn’t write on the title because it is waiting for future content update to be finish.

Deathguard set is an exotic set for reaper focus in acid dmg. Even half of nightblade skills have poison&acid but both classes have low support on it. Also the items across necromancer and nightblade too. Mostly acid&poison bonus support occultist.

Grimtool Link & Gearing
Acid berserker setup : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK47wQ2

It’s like blademaster wannabe + dot dmg. Overall performance is good. Easily clear campaign : high dps, everything fast like you’re The Flash.
Durability is in the same as witch hunter(a bit squishy) but have more ADCtH than regen.

It can easily clear bosses and mobs fast. You can choose how they’d died, by your rapid slash or rotting to death. It can handle all main campaign progress. Able to farm gladiator crucible with party as a main dmg

Thanks for every comments. Regarding from TomoDak and KoalaeiO suggestions, I’ve come up with this setup. I think it’s more versatile and can handle more situations.

AoE semi-caster Setup : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOQDoeV

This is an alternative setup. Focusing in AoE handle and not to risk yourself too much. Mostly design for crucible.

Alternative Gears
Full Deathguard and Conduit of Night Whispers with BiS roll like I use is a must. I knew they’re pretty expensive, but I have to admit them. 1 ring should be Deahtguard Sigil. Why not made 5 piece set with ring then give more set buff, Crate? Others you can switch to whatever you want.

My suggestion
Helm : Cowl of the Venomblade (if you’d like to convert more cold->acid)
Amulet : Peerless Eye of Beronath
Other ring : Lifegiver Signet
Weapon : Venomlash, Basilisk Claw, Pandemic, Plaguebearer of Dreeg, Madqueen’s Claw, Misery
Pants : Kubacabra’s Chausses, Grava’Thul’s Legguards, Solael-Sect Legguards with good affixes or else
Hands : - (This build need attack and cast speed. I don’t think Viperfang gives what I need.)
Belt : - (Anything that can fix your resistance. Currently + all skills belt are useless to the build)
Boots : Any crafted boots with good affixes or else.
Medal : Mark of Lethal Intends, Mark of the Forbidden, Ikrix Scale with good affixes
Relic : Belgothian’s Carnage, Malediction, Nidalla’s Outbreak

Weapon’s Component : Seal of Resonance, Seal of Blades
Medal’s Component : Tainted Heart

Weapon Augment : I choose Outcast Venom for flat acid dmg as I go on high speed auto attack. You can choose others or Essence of Ch’thon for extra amp. RR.


  • Bone Harvest as my main dmg and trash clearing.

  • Ill Omen for Physical dmg reduction *if you have more points, you may get Ravenous Earth and Decay.

  • Spectral Binding for OA and HP

  • Master of Death because it is only exclusive aura I could get full benefit

  • Mark of Torment because it can save my ass very well when doing bossfight

  • Shadow Strike for Mobility and apply NJE poison

  • ABB to trigger Lethal Assault and get more dmg.

  • Ring of Steel to get Fumble debuff from Circle of Slaughter.

  • Veil of Shadow to get stackable RR from Night’s Chill.

  • Pneumatic Burst to get some sort of instant health and resistance.

  • Blade Barrier as a panic button

*note : on AoE setup. I use Ravenous Earth as an dmg source and debuff.

WPS (100% from Total 100%)
20% - Execution* : Max because our skill modifier make this WPS damn crazy
20% - Belgothian’s Shear : Very good to pick. 12X% both hand weapons dmg
20% - Amarasta’s Quick cut/Whirling Death : Choose which you like
25% - Necrotic Edge* : Another insane WPS and got upgraded by gloves.
15% - Reaping Strike : Last 15% chance for good ACDtH and 120% weapon dmg(even it’s only Main Hand).

Devotions [ul]
[li]Murmur, Mistress of Rumors : stackable RR[/li]
[li]Manticore : flat RR [/li]
[li]Chariot of the Death : some instant HP and a decent amount of DA. It is also passively increase our OA too.[/li]
[li]Abomination : Huge source of acid and poison[/li]
[li]Others for getting color path, fix resistance and get attack+cast speed[/li]

*Note : your acid conversion is applied to dot dmg too. So you’ll make vit decay and some frostburn into poison too.

Fabius Fight 20 sec

If I have free time. I’d record some fight scenes in Ashes of Malmouth to help you picture how the build is.

I’m not recording Madqueen Rashalga fight because reaper don’t have any advantage on her. I don’t have very fast kill time on her(consider as <10 sec kill time). Need to kite her when she activate her vengeance aura.

Deathguard’s appearance is AWESOME!. The set is well made as an exotic. It’ll be better if it has more item pool support in reaper.

Attachment: Deathguard Reaper Sheet.jpg

Jesus Christ looks like you beat me to the punch I was hoping to post a build around this set by tomorrow (wanted to do it yesterday/today but felt too lazy to do so :p)

Well mine plays more like a caster. So I guess I can still post it

Well gz on the build

:wink: I’m actually lazy too. I should finish this build at 24 Oct. then enjoy day 1 of Destiny 2 I was preordered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its good that it’ll be caster variation. Wanna see yours too(both builds and opinion). :smiley:

Looks fun; I have been trying to get a non acid dw necro going, but I just don’t see the gear for it. I shall give this a try after my spellbinder.

Question: Do you have pre-expansion augments on your weapons and jewelry because you like them better than the AoM alternatives, or because you haven’t gotten the new augments yet?

nice build but I recall seeing something similar on discord.

Maybe ceno’s build or something, but its really nice good job :smiley:

and gotta ask why frozen hearts on rings ?

I’ll give It a try and post a feedback later.

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Good to see reaper builds starting to go up. Gratz man. Looking forward to your finishing touches.

Got few suggestions and few wtfs about gear choices and skill distro. Devotions aren’t what I call ideal, but they’re pretty solid. No 3 pts in Ulzuin’s is a damn shame though!

I know you post greenless setups usually (always?) so you’re probably aware, but chupacabra pants, breaker waist, and crafted or runeguard boots look like big upgrades. Peerless eye beats conduit as well, but of course conduit is way nicer for resists. So far there is the reason of easy resist capping and no crazy farming for most of this, but there is 0 reason to use this Nidalla relic over Malediction. Fix that asap :smiley: Finally Venomblade helm >>>> death guard helm.

Boner harvest max seems really suboptimal and weird to me since it only hits with 1 hand. We could be making SS instead which is gonna hit way harder. I think 10/10 in omen and mark is overly defensive as well, I’ve played quite a bit of reaper and never felt like I needed that tbh. If you’re wearing potato I even think 10/10 in both is a bit much, with this gear it just seems wasteful

Not overcapping soul harvest = :cry::confused::cry::confused::cry:

Hey, I might be a little confused as to why Soul Harvest is that great in an acid reaper build. You are converting 90% of vit to acid and 60% of cold to acid (taking the venomblade head into account). Why is Soul Harvest so great still? Just because of the flat damage it adds? Maybe I just don’t know how to the damage is calculated exactly. If that’s the case i would love to hear how it actually works.

It’s great because you convert the damage to acid, as you said.

Question for OP:

  • Why no overcapped Dread? Its vitality decay (= poison) would benefit greatly from the %crit damage to Bone Harvest given by the weapons.
  • Why not Wendigo’s Mark bound to Bone Harvest? It marks literally every mobs you aim at and provides a solid instant healing.

As i said, maybe I’m not aware of how the damage is calculated.
Does the %added damage apply to the original damage type before conversion? I thought not. So you don’t get anything from the %cold/vit damage on Soul Harvest. It’s just about the flat damage to every attack?

^ yup. Keep in mind soul harvest isn’t damage added to bone harvest, it is flat damage buff like lethal assault that adds flat damage to your weapons. When you’re wailing on enemies with high attack speed, procs, and shadow strike it turns into a huge damage amp

Freeze is a great CC. While this build is a bit squishy so getting freeze too long is dangerous.

And especially when fight with Moosiluake(Undead nemesis). At his 2nd stage he summon so many ice totem that could perma-freeze every character whose have <40% freeze resistance.

It’s just my personal preference. As I went to attack-speed so I think I’d have flat acid.

Thank you for remind me of many things. I almost forgot Ulzuin’s Torch. I think I’m gonna max attack speed though.

Anyway it can remove all Revenant and put some points to get all Bard’s Harp to get flat OA, DA and slow resistance as well.

Conduit with acid execution is awesome. Anyway general would be peerless eye. It is hard to tell people to farm and get Kupacabra pants when there’re only few builds could handle it smoothly and this build can’t fight well with him. So I wanna add more information in alternative gearing.

Malediction is the first relic in my mind, but losing +all skills is something I don’t wanna lose. I lost +all skills once in belt slot. I want to use full set, but I’ll write more detail about gearing.

I still think of 26/16 Bone Harvest and 21/12 Soul Harvest. IMO I can convert cold about 30%(Nah, I don’t use venomblade helm) and don’t get benefit from certain dmg modifier. I think in my case, 26/16 Bone harvest seems better. I’ll state with venomblade helm case.

If I had more points I’d invest in overcapped Soul Harvest then max Dread too. The bonus %dmg is something wasting. Wonder if it’ll be +% all dmg instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no experience about Wendigo’s Mark and how it’s working. If the targets got mark it’ll deal 240 vitality dmg for only 1 time or 240 vitality dmg every time it got attack?

If it’ll the last one. It’d be very good and I’m eager to try. :smiley:

PS. Add new setup, modified from your positive suggestions :smiley:

Yeah I immediately thought of this when the expac was released but soon abandoned the idea after I read “Main Hand damage” only line on the Necro’s WPS skills 's tooltips… Nice build overall but 2H Ritualist is pretty much superior and has more gear supports making this build “not optimal”. Tbh just go for BM its much much better than DW Reaper atleast until more supports coming up. The Belgothian set literally made every other DW builds utterly trash! So… 1 more year?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hmmm, good advice.

BM have more support right now, this is true.

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I am still not sure how item granted skill modifiers act, but if we can consider them as transmuter then the %cold damage on Dread will be converted to %acid damage thanks to the Deathguard Hood.

The vit damage ticks every second for 10 seconds. The healing is pretty solid vs single targets and vs groups it makes you borderline invincible. I think the heal is pretty unnecessary for this build in campaign, but if I wanted to solo crucible it’d 100% be a part of my setup

Are you able to post a devotion setup order?

Yup. But ‘Deathguard Reaper’ is a far lamer name than A S S R E A P E R.

I was waiting to update the A S S R E A P E R before posting it here, but looks like someone beat me to it to some degree. Still, I’d argue both of our builds are unoptimized a bit. :wink: Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend.

This is what I came up with. I stuck with Bone Harvest as the main attraction. I’ve come close to finishing Gladiator but I keep making stupid mistakes. The setup works fine for the main campaign but is too squishy for farming Crucible, at least how I play. The low DA doesn’t matter much, until I get warped by the Aetherial Nemesis and triple crit…I should probably redo that if I want to finish. The upcoming casting changes might help a bit too.

I did try Wendigo on Bone Harvest but I don’t see it doing much for me. Having Ghoul keeps me up better from what I can tell. I can get OA a couple hundred points higher too but it seems like overkill and seems to lower general survivability.