[] HC Elemental Forcewave Tactician

UPDATE : Changed amulet and boots, maxed Deadly Aim mainly points from IS but i think Inquisitor Seal can be overleveled instead since its an amazing asset in HC.

This is NOT a super seriously thought, carefully crafted build since i settled in this setup way later than my initial decision of creating a pierce heavy Cadence Rifler. Everything changed when i dropped the very well designed Arcanor at level 96. Took last couple of days finishing up rest of the items and here we are.

I have never really used Forcewave other than leveling up to 60s-70s, i have always felt it was undertuned and didn’t have many item support options especially in the weapons department.

I was skeptical whether this build could even fare remotely well, especially in HC but it turned out be quite the solid and fun character and definitely enjoying my time a lot with it to the point of not being able to level other builds i have been curious to try.
While not being the fastest boss killer, is really sturdy and boasts a good dps and AoE.

Things i do enjoy a lot in the build:

  • Naturally high HP pool without much effort

  • Quite sturdy and good AoE

  • Really enjoyable to play

Things that could be better:

  • While it is useful against variety of enemies, outcome of splitting our damage is definitely felt in the sheet and performance

  • Slight energy sustain problem that isn’t too severe


I have mostly used what i have dropped so far and gear changes can definitely be made as seem fit. I haven’t settled in the ring selection myself, for a while used Myhtical Eternal Band or Myhtical Lorekeeper’s Band, mostly double Lorekeeper’s.

Strongest contender for the rings option would be the Judicator’s Seals. Albeit a visible damage loss, would boost OA and DA an amazing amount which means less hits for mobs and higher crit chance and crit multiplier for us.

Wanted to use a Myhtical Peerles Eye of Beronath for the amulet but haven’t dropped one and as i started settling with the gear ultimately decied to use an Empowered Essence of Beronath mainly for the cast speed despite loosing an important amount of OA.

I have 193% cast speed in game and with the Burning Justice proc we manage to hit 200% in combat

For pants i haven’t really came across a good MI and i personally don’t think it is necessary. Other options can be Mythical Spellweave Legwraps or Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings.

Character Sheet https://i.imgur.com/CMhFf9O.png

Mad Queen : https://i.imgur.com/fikOgR0.jpg

Mad Queen and 4 Nemeses i came across so far wasn’t really a threat and i definitely didn’t had any ‘oh shit’ moments despite being a HC character.

I haven’t had chance to try this in Gladiator Crucible but i do believe it can perform quite well with some tuning and ensuring energy sustain and enough ADCtH.

Fighting isn’t complicated, dive in with Blitz which also is a huge damage source for us. Dropping our Inquisitor Seal, Arcane Devastation for Elemental Storm then Forcewave till it dies.
Arcane Devastation is a really good ability imo with good damage chunkerz and almost 100% upkeep time.

In Closing :

Althought not being the most optimally crafted or popular build of choice, it is a nice change of things playing with diverse damage archetypes and an overlooked skill like Forcewave.

i think you forgot to link the grim tools so we can see the build



Have you tried clicking on the Grimtools? Its a link…

Its nice i guess? You went for different devotions and my constellation choices were mostly for fun since still no one uses Blind Sage and i only used legit dropped items btw.

‘Tactician Specialist’ OMEGALUL haHAA :rolleyes:

Wrong. Elementalist actually use it, especially now, with the possibility to use both Sage and Seru. My devotion layout is mostly Fire-based, obviously.
Not sure how legit dropped items mandate the effectiveness of the end-game build, made for testing purposes first and foremost, but okay? Farming is not a problem for this build at all, you can definitely get all your items either way anyway.
And of course, I posted my build so we can compare it together and maybe improve them, but it seems you are incapable of such thoughts.

Nice childish response by the way.

Lol didn’t see that thanks xD

I am seeing a growing trend on the forums now. This is what drives people away from contributing anything constructive



looks a bit more min/maxed for the gear on the trees, any reason for not getting word of arms? felt like it compensated a bit for the harsh energy requirements especially while not in bis gear.

Every build posted im my profile, unless getting a devoted thread with full guide, will probably be revamped, as I venture through AoM. Thing is, these were made before expansion based on special build’s characteristics.
But as it looks like AoM is a definite difficulty spike, they will be restructured to better accomodate the current conditions.

The reason i started my post with ‘This is NOT a serious thought neither crafted build’ is to avoid haughty responses…

Isn’t carrying a self proclaimed ‘specialist’ tag followed by simply typing ‘observe’ is the childish response instead?
How is that any relevant to ‘we can compare and improve together’ response you typed just now? Seems like you only expected a yes great master of tacticians after that, personally that is not a way to initiate a positive conversation.
If the constructive criticism and theorycrafting is what you sought after then could have sorted your attitude according to it.

Nah, I already have a build that killed Ravager on Ultimate and can tank MQ non stop, so I definitely know a thing or two about Tacticians. I’m currently simply testing, but when I create a build, I want to polish it to it’s absolute maximum potential, hence, the specialist.

Well, I admit, I could have chosen better words. And I apologize If I sounded like a prick, but your response was also quite unique, that’s why I reacted accordingly.
But anyway… want to actually talk about improving this build to perfection? I would really like it, if you don’t mind.

Whether it is a growing trend or not, i think a lot of people are simply fed up with extremely scarce and hard to obtain rare item combinations became the norm when creating builds.
I think this drives away people more especially new people discovering the game due to frusturation evident by posts people make both on forums and reddit.

Expansion brought a lot of new items and i don’t really feel the need of using OP MI’s to be able to slam OA and cap resistances anymore.

Equip Mythical Soiled Trousers, perfection achieved

There are a lot of people patronize about builds in this community so it might have given me Vietnam flashbacks, also sorry if it got rough for a moment :stuck_out_tongue:

My devotions weren’t thought out and i think Meteor Shower could reach higher DPS but i wouldn’t really want to drop Elemental Storm.

I tried HC Gladiator with same setup untill 100 and it was quite the breeze. Tried Mad Queen 5 times in total and never had to use Aether Cluster.

For Crucible or in general im thinking about these Devotions since as i stated Elemental Seeker was just for the keks, and i don’t keep up with meta but i thought Elemental Seeker + Cinderwind could be fun.


I also wanna upload a video of Mad Queen or Crucible whenever i get the chance

Let’s see… equipment first.

Another Candidate for the Amulet would be Shard of the Eternal Flame due to Conversion and high elemental damage, but EoB has +1 to All Skills, which definitely helps.

I would probably drop Sigil of the Bear King. It would be useful for Physical Tactician, but not for elemental. So I would go either for BoM or for a Magic Medal with rare affixes. As my friend convinced me, BoM might be better, due to it spawning with +5 to Forcewave.

Since we lose Cast Speed by trading off the Sigil, we can try Invoker’s Burning Hand on the other ring, because it gives us Cast Speed and nice resistances along the way. It also provides excellent elemental damage as well.

For boots, though, it’s definitely Wyrmscale. They are basically upgraded version of Spellsage Boots and have a beautiful defence proc.

The only left are pants. How about using Solael Pants? It’s easy to farm and it’s the only MI on this build. ADCtH also helps.

Problem is people need to understand that MIs aren’t key to the build, I can see them driving new people away

Anyways, my post was directed more at the word “legit”. It seems people have started throwing accusation around at people who are in possession of such exotic MIs. The accusations have also been made against experienced build posters and theorycrafters and it’s extremely disrespectful and bothersome

Hate MIs? Want me to help out? Sure, i’ll chip in with zero green GrimTools.
Hate MIs? Think my items are not legit? Sure, just stop posting in my thread

Btw, how is elemental as a whole doing as a damage type at the moment when compared to individual damage types - Fire/Cold/Lightning? I have certain mythics atm which are needed for testing something. And this information would contribute to my testing. Thank you

This 2h weapon +tactician build is something i’d really like to try after i’m done with Octavius.

How does %Fire conversion from shard and armor interract with the one from weapon? While I love the concept of the weapon it feels like whatever we add gear wise is improvising.

Mind you i leveled this in HC so some of the gear choices are for the survival and i don’t have the MIs yet.

Medal is just for + Forcewave and cast speed, i am aware it is not optimal either.
I’d actually keep the pants because it has really good stats and +2 to Aura of Conviction and most importantly Prismatic Shield proc is something i wouldn’t give up easily especially on HC.
I still would use Conviction over Censure.

For boots Wyrmscale is an upgrade in DA/OA but i’d actually use Stormtitan threads for more hp therefore survivability.

I think Shard of Eternal Flame is definitely the BiS, i used what i already crafted and wanted every plus points possible.

What about the lack of RR?