[] Nature Avenger - Vengeance of Bleeding Warder 2-Handed Melee (Kite not kite)

Update What was changed with a new patch here? Come and read all changes in this build, below this message you will see, info.

From now on: attack speed goes up to 170-175% and even can be maxed by (Squad Tactics + Storm Touched) up to 185%. Now armor absorbtion is maxed in this build because of changes in some components that gives now (armor absorbtion %) thats really cool, and gives extra needed defense. With a reduction of monster difficulty game goes easier on Ultimate. Devouring Swarm skill need to be maxed, better RR. Now this build is playable solo on Gladiator Crucible but its squishy, and if you do not want to suffer better to farm arena by Belgotian build :smiley: From now on, after patch, Bat (Devotion) proc Twin fangs can not be placed to Blade Barrier from Seal of Blades (was nice to have life steal from aura:o) So better attach this proc now to Savagery or Wendigo Totem skill. If someone have any other info about changes in gear\build, please let me and others know in comments below, thanks.

Now few words about @Rhylthar user suggestions about my build. Here is his versions of this build: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zKAJlV
Max stats in combat with skills and proc.

The damage with Stormcallers Pact:

“I’d rather fight for my life than live it.” © Guts






Here goes a new build from me, in a new DLC Ashes of Mamlouth. Its a bleeding two handed melee fighter without magic, only mace to crush evil skulls. This build is based on a life steal + some bonuses to life regeneration from a new Nature Avenger Set. So its basicly vampire-regenerator if I can say so. Below you will find a guide about this build and all information about gear. Also check the video above the demosntration of fight with mobs and nemesis.

Here is the screen of the character with buffs in fight:

Here is the link on my setup: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV95kynV

Here is the link on ideal setup: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2Eo1llZ

Damage: Physical, Bleeding
Active Skills: War Cry, Bleeding Arc, Blitz, Wendigo Totem, Devouring Swarm, Savagery
Passive Skills: Mogdrogens Pact, Primal Bond, Menhir’s Will, Military Conditioning, Veterancy, Tenacity of The Boar, Storm Touched, Heart of the Wild, Oak Skin
WPS Skills: Blood Pact, Feral Hunger, Zolhans Technique, Fighting Spirit

Pluses and minuses of this build:

  • Fast monster and bosses kill
  • Easy play solo even on Ultimate
  • 2hander for ppl who like play with big weapons and less magic
  • Vampiric Build
  • Low defense in melee fight, required better gear
  • Slow run\walk but its like a tanky\kite build (so without speed run, hard to kite)
  • Have some problems with a Nature Avengers set (see description at the end of post)


Physique: 55
Cunning: 35
Spirit: 15 (only because of jewerly)

Required Gear

Head: Mythical Bloodrager’s Cowl
Shoulders: Avengers Pauldrons
Chest: Avengers Armor
Hands: The Crimson Claws
Legs: Mythical Boneweave Leggins \ or \ any good green pants
Relic: Aegis \ Massacre
Weapon: Avengers Crusher
Ring 1: Mythical Open Hand of Mercy \ or \ any good green Cronley, Gollus Rings
Ring 2: Mythical Closed fist of Vengeance or \ any good green Cronley, Gollus Rings
Neck: Bloodrager’s Gem
Belt: Avengers Girdle
Boots: Purging Redeemer Threads of Nature’s Bounty \ Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings
Medal: Mark of Consumption

The way of choosing components to setup depends from a quality of gear you have. Components: Where it’s not mentioned, you can min-max your resistances with whatever you have available. Same goes for Augments.

Skills Explanation

There are two main fight skills Savagery and Blade Arc both do huge physical and bleeding damage, but to get max damage effect especially from periodic bleeding decay damage - you need first of all use debuff resists to bleeding, that routed to a few our skills. First of all you have Devouring Swarm that RR, also Grasping Vines (on wich I add Devotion Rend) that also works as RR. This is melee build so its not hard to use Blitz for a fast movement to monsters, and than you activate both Grasping Vines and Swarm to do RR. Than use Savagery and Blade Arc to max your damage :slight_smile:

Devotions on:

Assasins Mark -> on Savagery (RR to physical)
Twin Fangs -> on Whirling Blades (Quick life steal)
Giants Blood -> Mogdrogens Pact (Heal Devotion)
Grasping Vines -> Rend (RR to bleeding)
Howl of Mogdrogen -> Feral Hunger (Damage boost, reduction to enemy DA)

Devotion route

Add 1 point to Chaos
Add 1 point to Primordial -> than take Lizard
Add 1 point to Order -> than take Assasins Blade
Add 1 point to Eldrich -> than take Bat
Add 1 point to Ascendant -> than take Empty Throne

Now take Fox take Kraken
After that you can remove 1 point from: Chaos, Primordial, Order
From now on, you can take the Giant, Wolverine, Huntress, Mogdrogens Wolf, you you will have 4 points left, wich you can choose where to add (I added 3 to Sailor’s Guide and 1 to Dryad)


Not much I can say about leveling here, you can began to play with two handed weapon on physical and bleeding damage from the beggining, if you have items for a start, Warder really tanky class of a character, so its easy to play on a start. Big problems begin from Ultimate difficulty where not so easy to collect nice DA and Armor, without shield you get a large portions of damage in melee so its harder to play on ultimate against monsters that inflicting large one shot damage.

Mosnters Kill (Ultimate difficulty)

  • Valdaran (Yes)

  • Moosilauke (Yes)

  • Van Aldrich (Yes)

  • Benn’jahr (Yes)

  • Mad Queen (No, maybe need more resists and defense, better gear)

  • Sentiel (Yes, but really hard)

  • Master of Flesh (Yes, but really hard)

  • Reaper of the Lost (Yes, but hard)

  • Loghorrean (Yes)

  • Mogdrogen (No)

  • Grava’Thul (Yes)

  • Wendigo (what?! nononono)

  • other Nemesis not tested, I will do update with Iron Maiden and Kubacabra, and Aleksander; I think Kubacabra is doable by this build.

  • Easy farm only on Crucible (Aspirant, Challenger)

Conclusion: I like bleeding builds, always wanted to create something like that, and I did it in a new DLC expansion on a new build. Fast play easy Aetherials kill as they have low bleeding resist, but many mosters has a huge resists to bleeding so if I have here crits by bleeding up to 150-200k. Some of monsters, even with resist reduction get about 30-50k damage and thats awful, even with all this devotions and RR. This build feels really comfortable in solo game, but on x4 players in multiplayer I feel some difficulties with defense. Really sad that Nature Avenger set has low bonuses to % of HP, coz 14k health is not cool for a melee 2handed build (but maybe its just my problem because I dont have good green stuff, rings, legs). Also I did not understand the conception of this set, all this things in Gear told us that it must be regenerator build based on large HP regeneration, but I tried combine heal Devotions like Tree of Life, Giants blood etc. and upped health regeneration to +6000 and its just dies, dies because if you hit a lot in melee fight, it doesnt saves you. So I decided to go another wat through vampirism and its more comfortable. Still it needs more DA and armor to feel easier in fight.

Also there is a small question to members group on forum. Nature Avenger set gives to character bonuses to Upheaval and Feral Hunger - but both this triggers have unique animation, it doesnt work on vampirism build like this, so I removed ALL points from Upheaval, because I need Feral Hunger (25% chance) to work frequently, but Upheaval (100% chance) makes it work rarely. So using Upheaval do not makes any sense.

If you have any ideas how to improve this build, please share it to all :slight_smile:

reserved for future updates

Some suggestions:

  • Binding Howl of Mogdrogen to WPS? Lessens the chance to procc…
  • More RR is needed…put more points in Devouring Swarm
  • You want crits. You need more OA.
  • The crits should hurt. Why not Stormcaller´s Pact instead of Primal Bond?
  • Why so much points in Mogdrogen´s Pact? Put them in Wendigo Totem.

Made some changes at skillpoints, see if you like them: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zKAJlV

  • thanks for advices, will try them
    Answering your question about why not Stormcaller’s Pact - I can say that the damage is not so bad even with not maxed RR, Primal Bond gives more chance to survive. Main problem in melee two handers is they get a lot of damage in melee fight and can be killed really fast, as you see, there is not much physical resist. So Primal Bond nice thing with damage absorb - yes character has less damage without so large crit bonuses - but lives much more longer, thats why I take it.

I testing it now in and will update post, there was some good changes for this build too…

Any update on the build?

I have all the pieces and am definitely looking to try this.

Any reason why Avenger 4p over 4p Blood?

Hey sorry for the delay, was busy at the work, today I will do update on this thread about updates after patch, and, Thanks :slight_smile:
Post for this build is updated

Hi AdamNavel I try your build but this version is old . Will you update this build ?