[] Soul Ripping Devastator [Spellbinder] (build idea)

The idea, basically, is to have a massive CDR on Reap Spirit skill with these items(link below) + Star Pact(useful for Devastation too). And the skill becomes available in less than 1 sec. so it’s basically spammable. They live for 10 sec. so 3 of them will be on constantly and recasting does damage to mobs. Also as a bonus one gets Devastation with some CDR and bonuses etc. The massive downside is energy and resistances. But it should be possible to overcome it with additional items, augments etc. and devotions. Build not optimized, it’s just an idea.

On my Test char(just set items + stuff from vendor and no devotions) they just chew stuff up.

That’s how the skill looks with only set items + gloves and with just buffs on, oh and points in PHY and some on SPI(for items).

Summon Limit is between 1-3, you cant have 10 spirits up

So, I am just here to chip in with a tip that the offhand would sync well with Mythical Stormseer Sapphire based AAR caster
And maybe with Chillflame Evoker (not to sure about this one, haven’t given it much thought)

Yeah, I’ve noticed. I’ve re-edited it before you posted mate. :wink:

Or this: http://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8996
For added even more Devastation :wink:

Unfortunately no. I mean it would work but Mythical Stormseer Sapphire amulet is much better

i did post a thread about diviner set (to share ideas) but it was a big failure and i didn’t notice this post was here. I’ve started to think about how to build around this set and - despite the fact that 2 pieces convert elemental to aether - i would go full cold. The reason is that your offhand basically grants you a big chunk of cold dmg in your bread and butter skills (devastation and reap spirit).

So i would go cold caster + pets (being your pets only wraiths), my problem is with devotions and itemization : should i push more the caster or the pet hoarder side? I am not good when it comes to hybrids.

What i tried on tools was basically a cold caster relying only on gear set bonus for pets but i don’t know if wraith gonna suck like that…

edit : after giving more attention to itemization i would say that focusing on aether is probably a best bet. As main hand if you focus aether you can make good use of mythical wrath of the ascendant or decree of aldritch