[]Warder-Wrath of Thor-Ratelation lightning

After I saw some build of retelation I decided to try to create a new concept of type of build, and

finally I had an idea of what I wanted to do.
I made a build of retelation based on lightning damage reflection and at the same time
u do some damage thanks to the skill savagery and other skill’s.

the retelation build is cool I like it a lot it’s like I feel invisible.
I chose the shaman class for the lightning element and the soldier class for defanse and da and the
skill of retelation dammage.
I tried my max to have maximum of resistance from the gear and devotion and the skill of
the class consistency and even for the OA and DA.
for the itemization I found the set of DAWNBREAKER’S LIGHT which is good, the build is based on this
set after I chose the helmet and glove set Light’s Defender because there is a good resistance in
the two items especially the heaum and also because of the 5% DA set bonus.

here is a screen from the game


-Helmet: Light’s Defender Helm - Sanctified Bone
-Shoulder: Dawnbreaker’s Shoulderguard - Silk Swatch
-Gloves: Light’s Defender Gauntlets - Unholy Inscription
-Boots: Stormtitan Treads - Antivenom Salve
-Medal: Markovian’s Stratagem - Aether Soul
-Belt: Reforged Chains of Oleron - Antivenom Salve
-Relic: Eye of The Strom - /
-Pants: Thornhide Legguards - Antivenom Salve
-Armor: Dead Armor of Azragor - Sanctified Bone
-Amulet: Dawnbreaker’s Beacon - Back Tallow
-Ring: Closed Fist of Vengeance - Frozen Heart
-Ring: Slith Primal Ring - Corpse Dust
-Shield: DAwnbreaker’s Duty - Imbued Silver
-Mace One handed: Dawnbreaker’s Sledge - Cracked Lodstone

                                                Skill & Devotion

-Military Condition
-Shield Training
-Decorated Soldier
-Scars of Battle
-Field Command
-Menhir’s Bulwark>>>>>>>Messenger of War
-Fighting Spirit
-Counter Strike>>>>>>>Obelisk of Menhir

-Mogdrogen’s Pact
-Savagery>>>>>>>Targo The Builder
-Storm Totem>>>>>>>Tempest
-Wendigo Totem

                                               Bad things about that Build

Well in this build a based a lot on retaliation damage and ressistances even on devotion and there
is no healing skill devotion thats the problem here thats why i used Wendigo Totem and i think i
lake some retaliation dammage and some RR.


how to ply with this build?
u need to cast Wendigo totem and storm totem every time thats u can i mean dont let the totem off
and u hit with savagery to activat Targo builder for mor refect DMG and u can help ur self with
lightning Nova from the component.





Attachment: buildmkr.JPG

reserved for mor update

Why the title has when the grimtools is

Any way i know one thing on retalition doesn’t work on long distance attack mobs. Like archers that’s why hard to kill them. That is the problem in cruci too. U didn’t find any reta build that can do cruci right now.

Besides that the new mastery coming soon. Be sure to wait that since it will have new retalitaion skills, wich has new way for the reta builds.

i didnt try that build on cruci for the moment because OP doesn’t have AoM expansion.

yes exactly