[]Drain essence Cabalist - or how to beat cruci with channeling spell w/o buffs and banners

[]Drain essence Cabalist - or how to beat cruci with channeling spell w/o buffs and banners

Most channeling spells are somewhat underdeveloped because core nature of channeling spell using require your character to stand and hold ground like melee chars w/o much survivalbility options that are available to melee chars. That’s not, more or less, such a big issue in main game, but in cruci is somewhat hard because mobs swarm at your position and in most cases you are in danger to be overwhelmed, due to not having enough sustain or enough AoE to burst them down before that happens.
Drain essence solves that problems in pretty nice fashion, it allows you to ADCTH and thus have enough sustain to hold and in same time hungering reach is giving you needed AoE, or to be more specific chance to hit more than one target.

No buffs and banners cruci, 100-150, first run with this character (double Zantarin made me lose multy on 150 wave)

Picture of the build: constant auras, judic signet and dredwalker grace proc up

Grim tools http://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOQqkaV

This guide is not finished and probably will not be in next few days due to some other things I have to attend, but you have core concept provided trough Grim tool link and basically there is not to much to add, its pretty straightforward.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Peace out!

Maybe ill need it.

this is one of those builds i tried at soon as aom was released, but i ended up converting it to valguur. I guess now with vit buffs to the very skill i might switch back to the original dread walker concept.

Ty for the guide i wasn’t playing that char cause valguur gameplay is just boring and you remind to me switching back is a viable option.

I saw this set and immediately thought it was meant for crucible (because of 50% Conversion coming through that proc) but w/o buff and banners? That I didn’t think of. Fuckin’ impressive feat
Always interesting to see you what you come up with. But I gotta ask is Cabalist able to effectively leech off the enemies when compared to Ritualist?

Blue items new meta boyz :eek: Nice build btw =)

Been waiting to see drain essence pinup after patch. Bravo.


Really? It’s always been a thriller for me, trying to outheal 2 Iron Maiden’s with my shitty armor and insane lifesteal :rolleyes:

@JoV: Did you try Uroboruuk set or is the epic one just superior?

Uroboruuk set cannot support

  1. Vitality DE
  2. Fire DE
  3. Cold DE
  4. Lightning DE

It is only meant for Aether DE. Despite some awkwardly placed Vitality bonuses on the set, it is really meant for Aether. Vitality DE benefits the most from Aether->Vit conversion this is especially true in crucible where the proc is up 100% time effectively

Uroboruuk is a prick, leaving behind a shit set and a shit scythe. Fuck you #JoiningKymon #DravisVictorySong

the sad part is that even for aether DE there are better options.

Did you just finally accept our Lord and Savior Kymon into your heart? Shit I don’t know what to do now I have never gotten this far ,


ps : being that “on Death” reliant , do you think this build could perform well in non crucible?

A part of me already knows the answer but i would like to use dreadwalker and i hate crucible :frowning:

Ugh… yes.

Good question, this is what discouraged me from building around the set

Have you tested it in vanilla JoV?

Also, no part of me knows the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit guys you sure know to talk, been like 30 mins out and wtf almost two pages lol :eek:

Ill try to summarize all your questions:

Imho Dredwalker gaze is best set for Drain essence build, forget about uroborok if you dont wank solely on sheet dps values.
Ritualist is nice option and probably would give higher real dps output, but Cabalist is much better rounded (OA, Phys/poison/chaos/vitality resistance, girdle of stolen dreams) and that means a loot. Yes you ADCTH enough to facetank maiden+fabius combo in cruci if you use your heals/skills smart enough.
Dreadwalker proc is almost the same like judic signet proc but with slightly higher up time, so if judic proc is reliable for you in vanilla dreadwalker is also.
For me it definitely is. W/O that proc your sheet dps drops to 150k. Also interesting thing is that when battle cry is active together with judic signet and dreadwalker your dps is 200k (yes build has only 175% c speed and no cast speed gloves aren’t worth taking).

Thx all, Im glad you like the build :slight_smile:

With ritualist its possible to bloat HP pool above 20k and AFK-farm around healing totem. :eek: Aslo, some manaregen from Mog is nice =)

In ideal situation it is, but good luck with capping resistances and bringing your OA to respectable lvl.

About energy management truth is that you dont need more, I didn’t even needed to change pre AoM component on medal to ecto.

You don’t think Uroboruuk aether apostate is good enough?

Im not saying is not good, or good enough, just that it would have hard time finishing gladi cruci w/o buffs and banners due to lack of ADCTH coupled with lost of ratosh -rr to life leach.

Aether DE Spellbinder should be superior to DE Apostate imo unless I’m missing something obvious